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End of Days Saga, page 3

Monopoly reigned supreme as Deadblood became the first ever double Undisputed Champion!! Deadblood wanted to know more about the belts and Alexander explained that the proximity of the Absolute and the Mortal belts enhanced Deadblood even further. Then the question of who was Deadblood’s next opponent came into question as Darkspade clearly wanted his promised title shot… so Alexander gave Deadblood an open contract to give to his chosen next opponent.

Deadblood eventually announced that Darkspade was his next opponent but then the jealous “King” Gojinn came out and wrote his name on the contract!! This infuriated Darkspade.

Meanwhile, Kizmat is desperate enough to ask for Reverend Jones aide… they both come to a mutual understanding that the Absolute Undisputed title belt needed to be destroyed; but they shared different view points as towards why.

Then on Inferno Crisis 2014… Gojinn was near inches from becoming a double champion when Darkspade strikes Gojinn in the chest with a lightning bolt!! Deadblood comes out as the victor but this did not settle well with Gojinn…. Red Spyder appears at the end of the match to give a grave warning to King Gojinn.

Finally, the 15th Year Anniversary of CreatureWrestling came…. and at an event, Red Spyder faced off with Darkspade… eventually the two enter the gate of Wickedness. It was one of the most intense matches in CW history! Then, Angel appears into the gate and aides in defeating Red Spyder.

Gojinn and Kizmat- who aligned himself with The Unholy Ministry and Reverend Jones- also get their rematch with Deadblood but the two fail at dethroning the Double Undisputed Champion.

Time is Approaching

Kizmat and Gojinn both failed in obtaining the Absolute and Mortal title belts… and Red Spyder was also back on the streets murdering, but he still could not get out of his mind the precious Angel of Death.

Red Spyder also had an obligation to destroy the Death Family- especially after the match he lost to Spade with… One night, Lusus & Seer creeps Red Spyder out (See: and so, Red Spyder re-visits Markus regarding the status of the Dark Queen Lilith (and to somehow get away from Lusus and Seer).

Markus explains to Red Spyder that Lilith remains in slumber and Neo-Earth is still intact for as long as Markus remains alive; but in order to awaken the Queen, they would require a substantial amount of bodies to quench her ‘appetite.’ Red Spyder understands and takes on the task to find as many “bodies” for Lilith. Then all of a sudden, Seer performs an indecent act on top of the Queen’s glass coffin and nearly risked her premature awakening!! The antics raged on until finally Seer and Lusus were escorted out. Red questions if they even need their “services.”

A Great Mystery is Revealed


The present events in CreatureWrestling can be traced back to many episodes… but one such episode, the one when the Absolute Championship title was birthed into existence holds above all, true, as a catalyst… but what exactly IS the “Hand of God?” For a year, Alexander’s hand picked Absolute Champion title holder has been growing leaps and bounds– and especially securing the Mortal Wrestling title….. But before the next chapter unfolds, one must reflect on ‘that night’ which changed it all…….. Sometime after the 13th and before the 14th year anniversary of CreatureWrestling.

The scene is extended showing the horned man to be Alexander’s “father” and that Alexander is tasked to find a “retainer” for the Absolute Undisputed title. The plot thickens.

Act 1: The Tides of Change (End of Days Saga Begins)


The first act of the End of Days Saga was split up among four perspectives- a few eventually crossed over into other paths.

Perspective 1: Good Doers

Charon and the 8 Councils were left to deal with the Final Gate- especially after Darkspade refused to help- Charon finds that the Final Gate has a guardian and that the architect/locksmith of all of the gates is called Aeean Hades and that the Death Family Grimoires doesn’t provide enough information to help them. Brandon suggested to Angel to use her powers to find Aeean Hades. Angel decided to retire to bed because she wasn’t feeling well… Angel woke overhearing her step-father, Kizmat, come home talking with Charon but Angel finds that her doorknob was burning hot… and someone was in the room with her. When Angel tried to yell out for help- she was teleported to an abandoned apartment.

After Angel was kidnapped and taken away- she was horrified to find out that her kidnapper was The Guardian of Wickedness, Red Spyder!! Angel tried to get away from Red Spyder- finding out that all of the exits were closed off to her. Eventually Red Spyder cornered Angel and telepathically took her clothes off to rape her and kill her after… Red managed to do have sex with Angel implanting his burning seed of evil deep into her fertile body!!

Then after the sexytime- Red passes out from over drinking and Angel looks for a way out… then, her stomach burns and tentacles emerged from out of her and she slashes the floorboards underneath her to escape to the floor below them. Red Spyder awoke and chased Angel into another apartment unit- but when he goes to grab her, Angel strikes Red with her tentacle and sends him soaring out of the apartment window and splatted down on top of a car below.

Perspective 2: Her Royal Highness

Red Spyder was tasked by Markus to find and deliver as many bodies, both dead and alive, for the revival of The Dark Queen Lilith. Days after the raping of Angel of Death, Red Spyder found a frat-house with a party going on at night- Red along with Seer and Lusūs went to investigate the possibility for murdering. As the murdering of dozens was in the progress by Red… Seer and Lusūs find a room for themselves and had sex… Red Spyder eventually stumbles on them, grossed out. Meanwhile, Angel of Death appears at the frat house ready to kill Red Spyder for raping her. Red actually had no recollection of ever raping her, he was wasted at the time and usually rapes woman anyway so Angel was no different. Irritated and pissed- Angel attacks Red Spyder with her tentacles and eventually grabs a knife. Red gets his chainsaw ready!

Then, Seer comes out in a bathrobe and sees Red Spyder’s monster beef emerge! Seer shoves Angel out of the way, making her break her hold on Red Spyder, and Seer did a dance as if he just found his long lost pot of gold!!!!

Seer jumped into Red’s arms stopping the chainsaw – allowing Angel to get sharp knives of various sizes in her tentacles-like hands. Before Red could react with the chainsaw or just by getting the hell out of the way, Angel threw the knives all at once, most of them catching Red in his chest and face, the few that missed stabbing into wall behind him!! It was at this moment that Lusūs came looking for his mommy. Seeing Angel, her back to him, he proceeded to pounce on top of her, flattening her to the floor!!! This gave Red the opportunity to start tearing the knives from his flesh. With the last of the knives removed- Red decided that priorities must be meet first and with Lusūs promptly ‘pinning’ Angel down to the floor provided the ample ripe time to get the FUCK outta there!!!

Red brought himself up to his bloodied feet… spatting out glops of his own blood from the knife which cut his mouth…. and then entered the living room where a bright red wagon, the same one used in kindergarden schools but a lot bigger!, featured a pile of dead and nearly dead bodies for The Dark Queen to enjoy….

The Guardian of Wickedness pulls the handle with all of his strength and was about ready out of the door when all of a sudden- a mad crashing sound can be heard behind him!! Red just kept on going for the door but he sees in-front of him Angel’s long blackened tentacles reaching up and then securely wraps around his torso… Red dropped the handle to the wagon as Angel lifted him upward into the air… Angel squeezed and squeezed which was not a good thing for the pressure had to escape somewhere and that somewhere was in the form of Red’s MONSTER BEEF lifted from underneath his pants….. His monster beef RISES and looked like a balloon animal as it peaked between the slits of her tentacles…… Angel was not having it but then without warning… RED SQUIRTS LIKE OL’ FAITHFUL AND HIS MONSTER BEEF SHOOTS PISS RIGHT INTO ANGEL’S MOUTH!!!

This caused Angel to gag and let Red go… but then Seer comes DASHING OUT OF THE KITCHEN AND SHOVES ANGEL OUT OF THE WAY AND OPENS HIS MOUTH WIDE TO ACCEPT RED’S MONSTER STREAM!!!! Wondering if he was actually pissing blood after being squeezed that hard, Red looked up to see Seer with his mouth hanging wide open, catching every golden yellow drop that he could!!!!!!!!! Red’s mouth fell open too, in shock and disgust!!! This didn’t last long at all as Seer promptly fell to his knees and then forward onto his face, passing out due to the extremely high alcohol content of the Guard of Wickedness’ urine! Red uses his monster beef to deflect Angel’s tentacles and stop her with a leg sweep along with a mushroom head slap. Red then runs to the wagon of bodies and to get the hell out! With Seer over his shoulders, who let out a pissy burp, Lusūs started to follow Red, but they both stopped again when they heard screaming!!! Turning around, they found that Angel was up again, crying uncontrollably over the new gift Red had given her!

Red, Seer and Lusūs scampered outta there!

Perspective 3: Unholy Unions

The aftermath of the Gates of Apocalypse Saga left many unanswered questions. One such- was the reveal that Reverend Jones was after long last the Archangel of Death- the once believed defeated patriarch of the Death Family. Even before- the Reverend preached that there was to be an End of Days and that the only way to save oneself was to repent to the ‘lord’ and accept judgement…. however even with this rambling lunatic comes with it many truths. A union was pronounced at Inferno Crisis which followed a cryptic reveal on 15th Year Anniversary show that the legendary and iconic Unholy Ministry is BACK. Back with a vengeance…. lead by what seemed to be the Reverend, the Unholy One: The DARKSPADE and the Lord of Blood: KIZMÄT. Why was this union forged?? Is desperation THAT rampage even within the minds of those who are not strangers to evil deeds? The Reverend promises that HE has the answer to stopping the Apocalypse and that would be the destruction of the Absolute Undisputed title… a symbol he has preached is the BANE OF ALL CREATURES and now, with the Mortal belt…. ALL OF MANKIND! KIZMÄT most certainly wants his Mortal belt back… but we question DARKSPADE. Is he truly in this to destroy the belt? Or. Like what was witnessed on Inferno Crisis- is HE secretly in this to take the belt for himself even if it means, The End of Days?

Darkspade meets up with Reverend Jones at an abandoned factory… but Kizmat did not show up. Darkspade brings up his desires to be the champion but the Reverend reminds Darkspade that they need to focus on destroying the belt and allow the of End of Days to come naturally. Darkspade shows that he is not completely on the same wavelength with the Reverend but eventually feels a ‘disturbance’ in the balance and leaves to find out what it was.

Darkspade appears at Death Family manor where he finds Charon unconscious on the floor in Angel’s ransacked bedroom. Darkspade heals Charon and then they find out that there was a residue of Wickedness in the room which leads to believe that Red Spyder was involved in the kidnapping. Charon urges to her father to find Angel and to work to stop the Apocalypse but Darkspade irritates Charon again when he said he could not do a thing until after CreatureMania XII! Darkspade leaves making Charon even more angry at him but notices a book covering more information about Lilith laying on the ground.

Perspective 4: In the mutual interests of Business

CreatureWrestling. The front-lines of ALL Creatures of the Night. It is and always was here that the fate of Creature and Mortalkind have collided… When NSA strangle held the broadcasting for CreatureWrestling- Alexander Arcane responded by developing The Mortal Wrestling Entertainment in order to compete against NSA for an all-out-ratings war. It worked. However, during that time, Alex’s brother- Richard Arcane was presumed to be ‘accidentally’ blasted by the crimsonlight and sent into the Gate of Wickedness… Alexander has always been obsessed in the total annihilation of Creatures…. but in order to achieve such a grand goal, he had to orchestrate the greatest, most ingenious plan ever. You see. Richard Arcane was sent into the Gate of Wickedness purposely to destroy the Creatures– however, in order to retrieve Richard Arcane, Alexander knew Darkspade was obsessed on becoming once again, The Undisputed Champion.

A deal was made- Darkspade was to aid in protecting Richard but not even he could have predicted the aftermath of sending Mortismere into the void using the arclight with Charon after Mortis’ life chains were severed. Then there is the arrangement. Alexander realized that his days were numbered after his stunt with MWE- and indeed an assassin came knocking… the chance of a lifetime came when Deadblood emerged. The PERFECT candidate to represent this sport and to test drive the power of the Absolute Undisputed Champion.

CWE is MAD Event

Then at televised CWE is MAD event, Alexander Arcane introduces Deadblood… still the Double Undisputed Champion! Deadblood comes out with his manager, Sheri to gloat about his victory, when, the lights fade and “Gojinn” emerges but from underneath the hoodie was actually Gunther dressed up as Gojinn… Gunjinn was born!

This was an obvious setup to make fun of Gojinn! Then as Deadblood was making fun- The Lord of Blood, Kizmat… but it turned out to be a midget luchador dressed up as Kizmat! Finally, the real Gojinn appears and in his rage attacks everyone and leaves Deadblood sore in the ring…. to make matters worse, Darkspade’s presence was felt as he too also warns Deadblood!

The attack by the REAL Gojinn had been felt… but the wrath of The Promoter, the most deadliest Promoter on Earth, would be soon encompassing…. The scene now materializes inside of the ivory towers of CreatureWrestling Headquarters, where, inside of Alexander’s hidden laboratory were the Absolute and Mortal Wrestling Championships in large glass jars. The place was spotless and white as snow- with super computers and men in lab coats observing the data that was compiling from the belt’s waves….. Suddenly, the security door opens to reveal Alexander and Richard Arcane… Alexander looked badly hurt with his arm in a sling and bandages across his face…

Richard reviews the current data between the Mortal and Absolute belts…
“If events are left as it is- there is a 85% probability that the Gate of Apocalypse will open by itself by opposing forces before we can use the Hand of God and do it ourselves… As Deadblood’s lifeforce is being drained and feeding the Absolute title with the Mortal title amplifying this process- It is not enough. However, upon reviewing the data present- the conflict with Gojinn and Darkspade spiked the process 3-fold….” – said Richard Arcane

The plan was simple, to awaken the power residing in the belts and control the Apocalypse and the armies contained within!

Now… it was unto CreatureMania XII: Wayward Souls.

CreatureMania XII: Wayward Souls


Non-Match Segment: Red Spyder & Gojinn
The match with Red Spyder and Gojinn started out very strong but then Red Spyder got the upper hand on Gojinn and eventually the ‘King’ retired.

Botch Recliner & Goldyke VS Gunjinn & el Kizmato
Chane emerges from this silly matchup shocking everyone! but moreso, Chane turns on Botch Recliner and el Kizmato lands the victory for his team.

CW Absolute Undisp. & Undisp. Mortal Championship: DeadBlood(c) VS DARKSPADE
Darkspade gains the Absolute title belt only from a match stipulation but then Gojinn emerges and attacks both Deadblood and Darkspade! But matters grow worse as Gojinn steals both title belts!

CreatureMania Moment: ‘The Awakening’

On the same CM XII event a ‘special’ moment in the form of an announcement was here, a long awaited promise by Markus to awaken the Dark Queen Lilith!!

NOTE: The following post is extremely graphic.

Red Spyder delivered the dead and alive bodies as promised and the glass coffin containing Lilith in the ring was ready… In short order, Markus summoned Lilith- awakening her and in one of the most sickening, sadistic moments ever in CreatureWrestling did The Dark Queen Lilith exhibit her ‘powers’ as she enchanted the entire arena seductively and enjoyed devouring the bodies, but not before ‘playing’ with them first. Eventually Angel showed up to attack Red Spyder followed by Kizmat showing up with his BloodSword… but Lilith proved to be much too powerful even at her awakened state and Kizmat failed to destroy Lilith and Red Spyder… and in the end of the ‘moment’, Markus summoned a portal and to lead Lilith and Red to safety.

The awakening of Lilith was a major blow to the progress of saving the Earth…. the mayhem to follow was just beginning.

Concludes Page 3…

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