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End of Days Saga, page 4

Page 3 of the End of Days Saga revealed that Markus’ plan to awaken The Dark Queen Lilith by feeding her nourishment in the form of dead and partially alive bodies…. and who so would take on the job but Red Spyder along with Seer and his babeh: Lusus!!

We also get to see another view of the mysterious man that helped form the Absolute Title belt with Alexander Arcane… the mysterious man resembled a goat and presented great knowledge about the gates.

The beginning of the End of Days were here- and four perspectives show a string of events that would become the foundation for the upcoming mayhem! In the first perspective, Charon Death and the 8 Creature Councils meet to discuss how to stop the Gate of the Apocalypse from opening. The first clue was in the architect of the gates: Aeean Hades…. a cursed human being that has secretly been walking the Earth in a goat-like form. Angel of Death appeared to have the ability to find him since she was the Guardian of Righteousness… but the stress makes Angel retire to her bedroom. But she feels a presence and is teleported and kidnapped by Red Spyder!

In the second perspective, Red chases Angel in an abandoned apartment until he finally gets to rape her! As Red passes out from drinking- Angel gets sicker and tentacles emerge from her body and she escapes before sending Red out of a window to a parked car below.

In the next perspective, and days later, Red with Seer and Lusus find a frat house in their body count run and kill everyone…. Seer disgustingly has sex with his “babeh” Lusus and Angel arrives to settle the score- and with her tentacles! Eventually, Red narrowingly escapes Angel with the bodies!!

In a following perspective, Darkspade conversed with Reverend Jones about teaming up to get the Absolute title belt- but the two have different motives for doing so. Darkspade wants to because me champion while the Reverend wants to destroy the belt and allow the Apocalypse to come naturally. Eventually, Darkspade senses trouble at Death Manor and arrives to see Charon attacked and Kizmat disappeared to find Angel’s kidnapper. Darkspade says to Charon he will help but only after CreatureMania XII and his match! This irritated Charon and Darkspade leaves her yet again!
In the final perspective, Alexander Arcane taunts Gojinn with “Gunjinn” (Gunther) but the real Gojinn shows up and attacks everyone including Deadblood. Later, Richard Arcane reveals to Alexander that the tests performed from the two top belts are producing the ability to control not only the Gate of the Apocalypse but the armies within.

Then at CreatureMania XII: Wayward Souls- Markus and Red Spyder finally awaken The Dark Queen Lilith with the dead bodies…. Lilith’s “powers” enchants everyone to do seductive acts of sickening violence and mutilation while she unleashes her “premium” juices!! Then Angel of Death arrives to confront Red Spyder but then Kizmat also arrives to kill both Red Spyder and Lilith….. however, Lilith’s powers even at a weakened state was too powerful to handle and in the end, Markus, Red and Lilith escape!

The page ends with the results of CM XII with Darkspade winning just the Absolute Undisputed title but Gojinn cowardly steals both the Absolute and Mortal Wrestling belts!!

Act II: The Moonlight Illuminates the Consequences


Isaiah 34:14: “Wildcats will meet hyenas, the goat demon will call to his friends, and there Lilith will lurk and find her resting place.”

The aftermath of CreatureMania XII would forever change the landscape of not just CreatureWrestling, but of the entire world!

The Dark Queen Lilith takes her throne at Castle Mortis and she immediately declares that the Gate of the Apocalypse will be opened by her will and that she wishes to choose a ‘champion’ to be by her side. The mere presence of The Dark Queen made Red Spyder extremely attracted to her and he retired for awhile to ‘handle things’… when he returned, Lilith was quite impressed with Red’s ‘skills’ and decided to choose him as her champion- and desired to ‘taste’ more of him!

The sounds of hard fucking could be heard throughout the massive castle! This embarrassed Markus but what the Dark Queen wants… the Dark Queen gets!! The sexual desires between the Dark Queen and Red Spyder escalated even to the point that they made soup out of their ‘juices’… this actually was a turning point Red and he got out before he had to actually chow down.

Once Red Spyder momentarily escaped the Dark Queen into the courtyard. It was there that he would have his first encounter of Aeen Hades!

Aeean Hades (See his bio: is an enigma who built all 4 Gates: Wickedness, Righteousness, Balance and the Final Gate (Gate of the Apocalypse).

When the two meet in the courtyard, Red Spyder was trying to drown himself with whiskey so to him, at first, Aeean seemed to be a result of the drunkenness… but he questions why Aeean is here and how he knows about Angel. Aeean Hades replies with: “I have my own reasons why I am here other than to inform you of what you’re up against… but your stupidly mixed your Wicked seed into a vessel that no one ever expected and it could no doubt effect the coming of the Apocalypse! Simply put. The tentacles are protecting something inside of her…. from you. From every thing that brings harm to it. Perked any interests there?…. Only reason why I am here is to make certain that there are no further anomalies… do ‘us’ a favor and indeed destroy that fucking bitch before she causes anymore disturbances *cough*….”

Red finally realized what was wrong with Angel and why she was so pissed at him (other than being raped!)… Angel is pregnant Red’s baby and the tentacles were protecting her and the baby… but Aeean was still very vague about the extent of the ‘abnormality’ Red caused to happen by mixing Wickedness with Righteousness together… simply put, Aeean demanded Angel to die before giving birth. Red Spyder seemed very fine with that idea but wanted to know who “us” was… but Aeean left. Red had to once again return to The Dark Queen’s side for the night.

Lord Mortis was looming over a battle table with plans on how to destroy the Death Family… Markus emerges and is contempt with the plans. Lord Mortis asks Markus what Lilith sees in Red… and ‘why not just kill Red and be done with him.’ Markus backs Lilith’s plans and counter-asks if Mortis will fuck with her own mother if she so-desires it… Mortis obliges and agrees that he would- so he understood where Markus was coming from with Red.

Then… at that point, Red Spyder came dashing down the hallway and saw Lord Mortismere’s hands on Markus’ shoulders….. Red walked in looking at them oddly….

“The Dark Queen is calling for you” – said Mortismere to Red Spyder

Markus asks Red Spyder if The Dark Queen revealed any strategy plans on how to open the Final Gate… but Red said that she was too preoccupied with fucking him. Then, Red saw the battle-plans and asked what they were.

“It is a battle plan. As you and the Dark Queen seem more inclined to FUCK all day…. we have an ancient War against the Death Family in need of ending!!! If you do your job as OUR Champion right…. then, we would not have to take matters into our own hands!” – crackled Lord Mortis

“Guardian. It is NOW time to strike the very nerve center of our worst enemies now that The Dark Queen has risen!!! Willing to do your part?” – said Markus

At that very moment, F’ein Dacor walked into the room swirling his Joyeuse wildly…. and then up to his face before striking the blueprints…. He stared intently at Red Spyder…. as though he saw something else of him…..

“Gentlemen…. Guardian…. May I inject… We are at the moment where the Army of Her Royale Darkness is at it’s strongest…. let us be diligent and united….. What say you Red Spyder? Guardian of Wickedness…. and mayhap, something more?”

But just before Red could reply, once more the horns sounded off… louder yet! Red could also feel inside of him… a sudden uncontrollable urge to pass for SEX in favor of destroying the Death Family….. An interesting proposition…

Kizmat and Charon are inside of Angel’s room… Kizmat is extremely pissed off at Angel being raped and Red Spyder getting away… then suddenly, visitors arrive. It was Reverend Jones and Darkspade! Kizmat knew what this was all about and tells Charon that they are there for him.. Charon storms outside of the reception room… and slams the door behind…. Kizmat walks up to The Reverend.

Back at Castle Mortis,
As the horns sound off for Red’s return to The Dark Queen, F’ein Dacor explains, “Our enemies are no doubt taking a defensive stance…. our first order of business is to locate and take Angel into our fold since she is the Guardian of Righteousness and with her the moths WILL FOLLOW!!!” Lord Mortis wonders why they just don’t annihilate the opposition now? Markus explains that, “An alliance was more likely forged from all of the Elders of the 13 ancient clans, especially, The Death Family clan leading the charge.”

“Where Lord Markus is leading us too is this….. The clans are spreading across the world and hiding in safety– Angel will be taken somewhere where they think she will be safe.” – says F’ein Dacor

Red speaks up really about how Angel perks his sexual desires…. Then Mortis became extremely angry at Red’s attitude until Red says, “I had her in my clutches once before. I can do it again. Then I get another taste of my Angel and it’ll ensure the downfall of the clans!” Red stepped to Mortis’ other side. “And you know something, Mortis? I tend to tire of my women sooner or later. I wouldn’t mind sharing her eventual demise with an ally.”

Mortis smiled, at least Red thought he was, seemingly approving of this idea.

“The Hand of God”
While the scenes at Castle Mortis where going on, elsewhere, deep inside CW Headquarters in New York- training facilities

The scene materializes with a gigantic underground training facility with hanger deep rooms with wrestling rings… Potential Creature and Mortal wrestlers are experimenting in mock wrestling matches- but high above on the wall was a bullet proof glass window with Alexander Arcane onlooking with a fascinating gaze…. Suddenly the scene then fades inside of the onlookers room, right behind Alexander Arcane staring down at the training.

A conversation between Richard and Alexander Arcane happen in the onlookers room concerning the current power rating of the Absolute Undisputed belt. Richard explains that despite the insane amount of work poured into the CreatureMania main event that the belt only increased 8%. Neither Richard or Alexander were pleased with the slight increase… in fact, the increase has slowed more and more as if the belt’s power was deteriorating. The only factor in Alex’s mind which could have caused this was Gojinn’s meddling taking the belts for himself.

Richard explains that he doesn’t entirely know why the Absolute title is losing power but the Mortal Wrestling belt was helping slowdown the process. Also, Richard pointed out that no one remembers Lilith’s Awakening except for what was recorded on tape and the content of the Awakening would be sold at a premium price! Alexander realizes more than ever that they needed to bring the Absolute Undisputed title belt up to 100% capacity in order to beat everyone else to the Final Gate of the Apocalypse… and one plan would be to have a meeting with the gate’s architect, Aeean Hades. But Richard explains that Aeean Hades is exceptionally hard to find and could prove to be impossible.

Suddenly, Deadblood and Sheri appear and Deadblood wanted to have a discussion about Gojinn ripping off the belts. Alexander ensures that he will deal with Gojinn and get the titles back but that will not be until the next CWE is MAD event.

Deadblood grew incredibly irritated once Richard says that the belts being taken was just a part of the ‘risks’ of running a wrestling promotion- and not the answer Deadblood was looking for. Further, Deadblood brings up the fact that he tried to call Alexander numerous times about the titles being snatched- but Alex would not respond. Alex states that it was because he was cruising on one of his yachts- but Deadblood did not buy the excuse and brings up that the CW Universe wants to see him perform as the champion and this was a big problem for promotions.

Alexander lures Deadblood into a proposition to exceed Darkspade’s record of being the greatest- and that, the titles are actually well within Alexander’s hands…. but on CWE is MAD, Deadblood will have an opportunity at finally settling the score with Darkspade and exceed him by being the first ever second-reigned Double Undisputed Champion. This made Deadblood become very interested.

Richard injects once Deadblood questions how and why Alex got the belts by explaining that they could sell a lot more merchandise with the revenge concept. Deadblood replies with, “I’m well-aware of Darkspade’s accomplishments in CW and I respect them. But I don’t fear him and I’ll be more than happy to face him again to win MY Absolute Undisputed Championship back. You just set up the match and I’ll be there. Any place, any time.”

King No More


Gojinn stealing the two titles: Absolute Undisputed and Undisputed Mortal Wrestling at the end of the main event match at CreatureMania XII did not go so well, as imagined, with the actual champions and the Arcanes. Gojinn appeared on screen and gloated about stealing the belts and refused to hand them over. As a result, The Darkspade sent a cryptic message that ‘King’ Gojinn’s reign will finally come to an end on CW is MAD with a challenge; Red Spyder also had a few choice words for Gojinn… mainly how Gojinn has been ignoring and dodging Red’s challenges- it seemed that everyone was gunning for the ‘King’ but in all of the worse ways imaginable. However, this was not the end as a series of controversial ‘shoot’ interviews was conducted with Darkspade, Deadblood and even Alexander Arcane about ‘King’ Gojinn and many other topics circling CreatureWrestling.

Interview #1: Darkspade

Interview #2: Deadblood

Interview #3: Alexander Arcane

Interview #4: Darkspade

Specifically the topics surrounding Gojinn was not watered down, not censored and well overdo. Essentially, ‘King’ Gojinn cling onto his Kreature of the Ring win wayyyyyy back in 2005 as the basis for calling himself the ‘King’ along with distant past CWE match glories and left CreatureWrestling for lesser irrelevant indie organizations that did more to harm to his career than make it better. When Gojinn came back he did not work his way to the top but placed himself there by bringing up his past efforts- most of which came from his manager’s mouth while Gojinn did nothing but stand idly by.

The interviews stung at Gojinn’s ego and over-opinionated pride, but it was all tactical and purposeful for a reason because CWE wrestlers and fans got sick and tired of the past bullshit and wanted to see the OLD Gojinn back in action, not this whinny CM Punkish brat hiding behind a former indie official/manager!! Darkspade & Deadblood even mentioned several times throughout the interviews that Gojinn once had potential to reach greater heights but his blind ego and clinging onto the past caused much of what happened to Gojinn to by caused by himself! Darkspade proposed to settle the score on CW is MAD by having a proper title defense for the Absolute Undisputed title. But, unsurprisingly, Gojinn tucked tail and ran- never once learned a thing about what was said about him and to improve. Because of this, Alexander Arcane made a special attempt and confiscated the two title belts before Gojinn could do anything with them and sued ‘King’ Gojinn for millions of dollars for breaking the contract with CreatureWrestling. Gojinn was indefinitely suspended and who knows (or cares) what rock he crawled under.

CWE is MAD – July 5, 2015


The highlights of CW is MAD basically came down to Alexander proclaiming that he has the title belts and that tonight will be a double Undisputed title defense between Darkspade and Deadblood!

Then during a Botch Recliner VS Gunjinn match, the unthinkable happened when Chane AND Staphanie McMahon arrived back in CWE! Staphanie was last seen years ago but she had aged, breast sized increased and poured out ‘crabs.’

Botch didn’t know what he was during even months, years before the match happened!! But Chane came in as a ref and did a fast count on Gunjinn securing the win for Botch. It was right then and there that Chane and Staphanie proclaimed Botch as the NEW Soon-to-Be Champion Champion! Botch took it literately!

Then later that night on the main event, Botch Recliner with Chane and Staphanie came out and interfered in the match to the point that nobody won the match due to time-out match stipulation! This was a bummer for both Darkspade and Deadblood but at least they got their titles back in hand… but it would be the last double Undisputed title match for years to come.

More Interviews Galore & Happenings in CW!

1. 5 Perks of Being the Promoter:

2. Interview with The Guardian of Wickedness:

3. No Safe Haven

Note: Some of the Hornet’s Nest overlaps into PG VS XXX Era time-frame.
4. Hornet’s Nest, Part 1 – Like Taking Candy from a Baby

5. Hornet’s Nest, Part 2 – Big Money, Bigger Appetite

6. Hornet’s Nest, Part 3 – Alone at Last

7. Hornet’s Nest, Part 4 – The Final Sting

Act III: Accordance to the Mercy of Her Grace


A month had passed since the decree of war towards the Council of Elders and Lilith’s Empire…. everywhere on Earth – any Creature Clan in defiance of her Royale Magnificence were brutally murdered by Lilith’s mercenaries lead triumphantly by her chosen champion, Red Spyder…..

However, the Council of Elders were able to hold their ground long enough for key players to escape and remain in safety away from the chaos and destruction in fortresses all around the world.

After a month of looking- Lilith’s army, lead by Red Spyder and F’ein Dacor, found the Castle in Northern England where the Death Family were keeping Angel safe and secure. The story starts with Lilith’s army overtaking the Council’s army!

When the situation worsened, Brandon and Charon take Angel into a side corridor of the Castle to escape. Red makes pace to locate Angel before anyone else could- and at one point, Red came very close to capturing Angel … but Angel’s tentacles emerged out from her again in defense and with Charon and Brandon they get away long enough to enter a cellar room protected by a locked metal door. Red tried to place his monster beef in the keyhole but it was met with a knitting needle!

While on the other side of the metallic door was a large room full of crates and wine racks- Charon and Brandon were searching all over for a way out of the room by searching up and down the aisles…. while Angel was feeling an intense ache emitting from her belly…… Angel screamed and flustered with seething anger which manifested into a noticeable physical transformation. Charon and Brandon hear shelves being toppled over and Angel’s screaming which drew them back to her- but seeing Angel on the floor coughing up black blood and a tentacle oozing from out of her mouth!!! Both Charon and Brandon screamed for help for Angel… Then within a flash- ANGEL LEAPS UP TO HER FEET WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF TENTACLES WHICH THEN BUSTED OUT FROM HER STOMACH AND THEN SWIPED HER OWN MOTHER OFF TO THE SIDE AND SLAMMED AGAINST WINE RACKS…. ANGEL TURNS VIOLENTLY AROUND AND HAS HER HANDS ACROSS BRANDON’S NECK!!!!

Red pressed his ear against the door. “It’s okay, Angel. Daddy’s here now! Daddy has a treat for you if you open this door right now! Something you can wrap your lips around!” He didn’t laugh more, instead groaning as he reached down to stroke the quivering bulge. “Please, baby! It hurts Daddy that you run from his love for you!”

Her screams only intensified and there was yet another crash that shook the metal door.
“I’m not quite sure what you’ve done to her, but it sounds like she might end up killing Charon and Brandon for us!” F’ein pressed his ear against the door as well. “That’s it, Angel! It’s time for you to show your mother just how you feel about her!”

Though noises could still be heard on the other side of the door, there was no indication that Angel would be opening it anytime soon. F’ein motioned to the gathered soldiers to prepare to remove the door if necessary.

On the other side of the metal door- Angel was on top of her mum trying to claw at her along with Brandon doing what little he can to pry Angel off of Charon- then suddenly, Angel’s head lifts up and she snarls at the disturbing voice from Red Spyder…… Angel jolts off of her mum and runs around the room on all fours like a wild beast- knocking over wine racks and crashing into the walls. Then one of the walls that Angel smashed into revealed a hole that could gain one access to the outside!!! Angel went berserk…. Which led to Brandon to raise his cane and then as Angel came around for another turn, he KNOCKS Angel on the head with ::THUMP::!!! Surprisingly that was all it took (and additionally a sleep spell from Brandon) to halt Angel’s craziness….. It was then that Brandon lifts the unconsciousness Angel over his shoulder and with a kick into the mortar did Brandon enter through the hole and dropped down into a sewage system underneath the stronghold…. Brandon turns around and look upward at Charon who was still in the storage room…. Charon refused to follow!

Before Brandon could protest… Charon kicks a wine rack which then blocked the hole…. At that time the metal door EXPLODES OPEN….. Charon turns around in horror to see Red Spyder and F’ein Dacor along with Imperial Thaumaturge Knights pour in and seizing the “wench” Charon of Death!

Meanwhile… Brandon coughs from the smoke that emerged from above… he did not know what had happened…. screaming did he at Charon but then from far down the corridor did a cold dead blue aura seep in…. a figure stood watching intently until it came forward revealing itself unto Brandon as, The Unholy One!!! Darkspade smiled but then from his hands burst forth an ethereal blue light which strikes Brandon in the chest causing him to drop Angel in the gooey sewage water… Spade now digs into the water and lifts Angel into his own arms!! Darkspade takes Angel with him with Brandon running after… Darkspade exits out from the side of the mountain with Angel over his shoulder, still, in slumber… it was now morning. Spade looks slightly upward and in the distance he could see the stronghold up in flames and a gigantic fleet of ships baring Lilith’s insignia were stationed by the harbor….

With F’ein Dacor taking custody of Charon of Death and headed back to Lilith- Red Spyder continued after Angel of Death. Once Red entered the sewage, he came into contact with Brandon and the two fought… but Red Spyder got the upper hand and continued after Angel!

Then the story branches off into 2…
Branch 1: The Queen of Death Meets The Dark Queen of Ecstasy

Meanwhile… From the landscape view of the massive estate of Castle Mortis- we zoom down the hill and then rush right into an opening on one of the towers and into the throne room. Here. The throne room was littered with naked bodies drenched in their own blood- continuously fucking and slitting their throats to only be resurrected by the grace of her Royale Highness…. time… and time again for the end of time……… Her. The Dark Queen Lilith was seated on her throne overseeing the orgies…. snuggled in her love hole was her ancient dildo that was stuck in her love slit for eons- snuggled deep inside her slit while on her throne made out of dicks and ripped a part vaginas!!!

Suddenly, a vortex rips time and space and from the twirling tunnel emerged F’ein Dacor along with an entourage of Thaumaturge Knights….. Lilith perks up as she slips into an orgasim and sees who but also emerges but Charon of Death herself!!!! shackled by the wrist and ankles! The Dark Queen was overjoyed.

F’ein was also pleasantly pleased by his gift. And so he places his cane between his right armpit and clapped his hands in the air as the entourage forced Charon of Death to kneel down to her knees with lashes from a blood stained chain whip to her back!! As Charon screamed in intense pain and agony- The Dark Queen Lilith licked her saturated lips and then slowly and pleasantly rolled her fingers across her silky naked body– over her blossoming round and pointed tip of her delicious tits and slid her fingers across her wooden ancient dildo all to assist in ramming the dildo so far up her shaft of love that you could not see the 12 inch dildo any longer!!!! Lilith MOAAAANNNNNEDDDD in ecstasy…..

Lilith came close to Charon…. still with the cut dicks in her hands- rubbing them across her silky blood drenched erotic hard rocked tits and love shaft which still had the ancient dildo lodged deep within, and I do mean DEEP.

“Bloody hell….!!! GET on with it, Lilith. I know what you want…. a sick lesbian scene with me and one of those concubines eh? But that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!” – said Charon

Lilith just laughs……. in reply, Lilith smiles and then licks the side of Charon’s breast!!! Suddenly from the side of the room the Knights emerge with a surprise for Charon…. it was a gigantic layered birthday cake with Charon’s name on it! Lilith looks onward as the Knights forcefully drag Charon to loom over the cake. Charon refused to blow the candles out- and so that’s when the CHAIN WHIPS came back and LASHED THE HELL OUT OF CHARON’S BACK!! With each lash of the whips did her screams resonate wind and she blew out the candles eventually!!! Lilith had another orgasm as the last candle ended it’s life….. by that time F’ein Dacor walks over to the cake, scoops up the top layer of whip cream and tasted it and then shoved the remainder in Charon’s face…..

Then from the cake emerged naked deformed male and female bodies squirting their love juices in all directions…. they swam in the cake batter and jacked off each other just before Lilith came over to Charon and held onto her left hand…. “Watch” harked from Lilith’s lips….. “Watch, love. My gift to you.”

A trap door below the cake and bodies opened letting everything to fall on top of rolling blades in a pit!!! Charon was horrified watching the cake and bodies being mixed together and grinned….. then….. the remains where pushed out down a long tube which Lilith forced Charon to watch and track until F’ein filled up three goblets full of the remains….. and handed them to The Dark Queen and Charon…… and one for himself! A toast in Charon’s honor was made by F’ein Dacor… Charon gagged as she looked at the sludge of goo in her goblet and then looked over to The Dark Queen Lilith instantly slurp up the goblet- making every single drop roll deep down her throat.

Charon suddenly summoned a giant sized Shadow Demon as her answer!!! Then large Shadow Demon flung F’ein Dacor into the pits of blades, loomed over the edge of the pit staring at F’ein being ground up by the blades- then the creature whipped around huffing and puffing smoke from it’s nostrils while in the background the remains of F’ein Dacor is pumped up the long glass tubes and his remains oozed out from the exit tube and dripped out like soft serve ice cream- which at that point. Lusūs, who watched intently in the dark corners of this room, runs out and slurps up the remains with it’s animalcule-insect-like “mouth”!!!

Finally as the Demon came within inches of Lilith it straightened upward and lifted it’s massive arms into the air in order to crush the vile witch…. but then at the edge of her current orgasm she raises her right tit and squeezes her premium juices from the bulging tip into the mouth of the Demon…. the taste of her scrumptious premium juices caused the Demon to gag and vomit!! falling backwards and on top of several shadow minions which emerged from the ground…..

Lilith sleezly waltz over to the bulging gigantic rod that now throttled forth from the Demon…. Now dancing around the gigantic dick like a hooker- she swings around the enormous giant dick performing as one would in a night club!!!!! But, Lilith’s enchanting powers were broken by the Demon and Lilith was taken up by the Demon’s hands and it was squeezing her!

But then, Lusūs who just finished up slurping the rest of F’ein’s remains noticed that F’ein’s dick fell last from the tube…. watching curiously, Lilith’s magic resurrects F’ein’s dick and it then starts to wiggle!!! Eventually the dick curled up like a caterpillar and then leaped on top of Lusūs and mounted on top of it’s head….. The penis suddenly spoke to Lusūs and told him that Lilith had resurrected this particular body part to free the Dark Queen from the Demon’s grasp… whispering a plan….

Meanwhile…. Charon orders the Shadow Demon to lower Lilith to the ground where it let her go…. Charon looms over Lilith readying for a final blow but from the ceiling Lusūs falls and then lands on top of the Shadow Demon!!! Charon quickly looks up and watches in horror as Lusūs spews from it’s insect-like pincers a toxic ooze which immediately dissolves the Shadow Beast and devours it’s remains from a tubular emerged from a cut in Lusūs’ gut…. Charon backed up staring in disbelief of Lusūs. The Dark Queen then rises and with a wave of her tits did Charon fall to her knees from an instant in-volunteered inflicted orgasm…….

“…..F’ein… I like your new form…… So… what should we do with Charon??? SO MANY IDEAS IT’S MAKING ME WET!!!” – Said The Dark Queen Lilith

However, Charon was not done yet… she also opened the doorway for the arrival of the King of Shadows himself.. and the former Dark King to Lilith!

At once- Lilith’s concubines surrounded their Dark Queen… they provided “subsistence” in the form of vagina licking, tit flicking and penis-to-ass slapping throughout her illustrious, orgasmic body. Charon watched on as Lilith’s power grew- watched as though she powered up through the touch of sex…

From the side, Lusūs and the resurrected dick of F’ein Dacor joined in on the action providing Lilith with the “love” she oh so much deserved…. Finally. The Dark Queen rose her head up and laughed at the form which took the shape of her former “King” her former “Champion”…. Kaos, The Hangman.

Charon watched on, not amused at the reception from The Dark Queen but it was to be expected. Within moments, Hangman fully reformed into a physical entity and unsheathed the Sword of Gilgamesh which only produced a sparkle of enticement in Lilith’s gaze. The Hangman was a Shadow King who was entranced by Lilith in her first coming in CreatureWrestling… Lilith took him as her King and literately fucked him to death. Since then, he resided in the Shadowverse as a medium where Charon visited… and in exchange for a deed- if there ever were to come a day when Lilith would to rise again that he would seek his revenge…. the day has arrived. Welcome, Kaos, The Hangman!


But then, Lord Mortismere arrives…

Everyone in the throne room stopped and turned around to see Lord Mortismere standing right there… underneath the arch to the throne room…. he had swung the double doors wide open and was huffing and puffing from apparently running a mile to get here after hearing that Charon had been captured!

This recent event made Lilith’s premium juices flow and twinkle down her long silky legs and right into the awaiting mouth of Lusūs and showered the dick of F’ein Dacor.

Charon stared blankly at Lord Mortismere and then flipped her eyes in disgust. It was quite the distraction. Lilith squeezes her love nipple and premium juices squirted into Hangman’s left and right eyes blinding him!!! Hangman drops his sword which was then instantly covered by Lilith’s concubines…. Then. Lilith herself oozed towards Hangman and wrapped her body around his in a seductive trap…. pressing her luscious fully erected tits into his back… feeling around and across his bare chest and straight down to his love stick…. Charon immediately turned to see Hangman in a vice with Lilith.

It was working.

Branch 2: Running from Harm

Across the landscape, Darkspade with Angel over his shoulder trampled through the thick forest– he could not use any magic to teleport out of there otherwise his energy pattern will most certainly be detected…. instead, Spade had to make his way far away as possible and locate where he stashed his sportscar right by the highway… but then Angel was awakening! The Unholy One did not say a word- he kept walking and climbing over tree trunks, rocks and slashing through tall grass with a stick he picked up awhile back….. Angel was wiggling and becoming more and more unbearable to take. Finally, Spade stopped and laid Angel gently down on a bed of dried leaves. Once she looked up and saw that it was her grandfather- her face expressed a sign of shock and confusion. Elsewhere, but not too far, Red Spyder was following the path his monster beef was pointing in locating that gorgeous love hole…. when, his monster beef stood completely upward as if like a deer raising it’s head from tall grass looking around for where a certain noise came from… indeed- the monster beef heard the faint distant cry of it’s lost love slit!!!!

Red Spyder catches up to Darkspade and Angel with the assistance of his “monster beef”!! Darkspade attacks Red Spyder in trying to prevent Red from kidnapping Angel again!

The Unholy One loomed over Red Spyder who was inching his way off of the blood washed leaves- Spade just stared at Red Spyder… salving from his mouth- readying to destroy his nemesis once and for fucking ALL! The Guardian of Wickedness could hardly stand up- and through the gigantic hole in his stomach you can see right through him and on the other side was the frightened Angel of Death… Red raised his ominous head- and then his actual head as well- and pierced right through Darkspade with his crazy eyes…. long strains of organic matter then suddenly sprung from the walls of his carcass and were reforming the mess that was his stomach…. but before any progress could ensure- Darkspade cocked up his rifle and then SHOT ANOTHER HOLE RIGHT THROUGH RED’S BODY SENDING THE FUCKER SOARING RIGHT INTO AND THROUGH A TREE!!! Spade cocked up for another blast- and took his steps but then Angel runs up to her grand dad and begs for him not to do any more harm!!!

Spade pushed Angel aside and she fell down on top of the leaves which were stained with the blood of the Wickedness. Darkspade continued his onslaught up to a point where Angel was in a position to end Red Spyder! Angel raised her hands and then a tentacle shot forth at Red but before Red was impaled…. a ghostlike form of The Dark Sincentius briefly appeared!

Red Spyder opened his eyes and saw that Darkspade was no longer standing on the cliff- The Guardian perplexedly loomed over the cliff and saw Spade’s body falls feverishly over and disappeared in the rising tide….. The camera view then shows a double shot of Red with Angel in the background, now, on the ground with no emotions…… Red Spyder turns to face his love jacket but she had disappeared back into the forest…. with a sound of giggling…. as though, she was taunting for the Monster Beef to come find her…. What had happened here? For what reason did Sincentius appear?

Red took one last look over the edge of the cliff. Darkspade’s body was gone, washed away by the sea. As confused as he still was about what exactly happened, Spade’s sudden exit certainly delighted the Guardian of Wickedness. The only disappointment was that he hadn’t sent Spade flying off the cliff with his own hands. In the chaos, Angel runs away into the forest behind her!

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” he said, not to himself but to the disappearing form of The Dark Sincentius.

Red could still hear the giggling coming from the forest, the monster beef twitching each time. It was the perfect opportunity to find his Angel, to claim her as his once again. To fill her love tunnel to the brim with the monster beef again and inject her with more Wickedness.

Following after her into the forest, it wasn’t difficult for Red to pick up Angel’s trail thanks to the monster beef. It was like a hunting dog following the scent of a rabbit. He started to stroke his beef again at the thoughts of what he was going to do to her.

Angel wasn’t waiting for Red. In fact, she was trying to lead him further into the forest it seemed, despite the continuing giggling. All thoughts of Spade, Sincentius, Lilith, Charon, and really anything else left his mind as he moved closer to her, ready to mark his territory. It was just the two of them now…

Birth to The Wickedness

“Now that you know your way in this madness
Your powers are gone, your chains have been broken
You’ve suffered so long, you will never change.

When the shadows remain in the light of day
On the wings of darkness he’ll retaliate
He’ll be falling from grace till the end of all his days

From the ashes of hate it’s a cruel demon’s fate
On the wings of darkness he’s returned to stay
There will be no escape ’cause he’s fallen far from grace.

Now that you know your way in this madness
Your powers are gone, your chains have been broken
You’ve suffered so long, you will never change

Angels have faith
I don’t want to be a part of his sin
I don’t want to get lost in his world
I’m not playing this game.”

It had seemed like forever since the first time Red Spyder deflowered the virgin Angel of Death… injecting his Wicked seeds deep inside of her… but the lust, the desires weren’t satisfied. And now with all of the cat and mouse play- Angel was leading Red Spyder deeper within the forest… by which time the sky is overtaken by the natural form of night… The scene fades into view as Red Spyder reaches a small clearing in the woods – the area was hauntingly illuminated by the crimson moon bearing the Eye of the Apocalypse. And there, seated in a bed of flowers was his Angel. She was innocently playing with butterflies and sniffing at the gorgeous lilies… Red had to calm his monster beef down, he was over excited! After his beef tasted the sweet taste of Angel’s nectar- Red Spyder wanted MORE of it…. he longed to slide down Angel’s love slit one more time… As Angel plays with her flowers, Red Spyder circles the garden bed and slowly unzips the remainder of his pants- with the tip of his monster beef always pointed at Angel in the center like a compass…

Angel looked up at Red Spyder and giggled… that just made his monster beef grow a few more inches as it is reaching for her…. at that point, Angel stood up but behind in the woods poked out Aeean Hades!!

Red Spyder dashed to the center of the bed towards Angel- Aeean Hades then raises his hands upward towards the crimson moon and from the Eye of Apocalypse tears dripped which fell to the Earth at the speed of light- SMASHING RIGHT INTO THE GROUND LIKE BOMBS IN TRYING TO PREVENT RED TO REACH ANGEL OF DEATH!!!! Red was surprised but certainly determined to slide his monster beef in-between Angel’s soft trail of lust…. Angel then held her arms out in gesturing for Red to enter her and a series of tear-bombs STRUCK THE SPACE between Red and Angel sending them both soaring and smashing into the ground….. Aeean Hades just simply walked down to the small flower bed and avoided the smoking craters left behind and reached where Red Spyder was left seemingly unconscious….

An apparition of The Dark Sincentius then materialized behind Aeean…

“Well played Aeean. Well played. But, now realize YOUR fear. You, and this world, are too late- Angel IS ALL MINEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I SHALL BE REBORNED STRONGER THAN EVER!! THE APOCALYPSE AWAITS ME!! THE LAST STROKE OF MIDNIGHT IS HERE!!!”

Aeean’s jaw drops and he goes to attack The Dark Sincentius but that was when Red Spyder’s monster beef wrapped around Aeean’s ankle and tripped him to the ground… The apparition of Dark Sincentius laughs as he dematerializes into Angel’s stomach which sends Angel into a compulsions! and INTO LABOR!! Red awakens to the sounds of Angel’s screams and gets up to see Aeean on the ground and Angel lifted into the air by some strange supernatural force…. her legs suddenly SPLIT revealing the previous glory hole that Red has sought out for all of this time… gushing out of her hole was a river of vagina juices which smelt like rotten fish. It was calling for Red’s monster beef and Red obliged as he went up between her legs readying to insert his love rod but at the very moment Red thrusts his rod down her awaiting love slit- OUT POPPED BLACK TENTACLES AND WRAPPED RED. Angel screamed and moaned and puffed for as the last stroke of midnight came- OUT POPPED SOMETHING RED COULD NOT BELIEVE…. A BABY!!!! A BABY!!!!

Red was curious at the Baby and his monster beef even deflated… afterbirth from Angel suddenly poured onto the ground and seemed into the Earth. As Red goes to touch the baby.. the baby bites back! Red got angry but did what he could to control his anger… and scooped the baby up, keeping its mouth away from him to avoid further bites. By now, Angel was sitting up too, the flow from between legs having nearly stopped entirely, not that Red was concerned for her at all at the moment.

Aeean Hades then rises from the ground and stares questioningly at Red’s little devil child.

“Was the birth of MY CHILD what you tried to stop from happening Aeean?” [while cuddling with his son]– said Red Spyder

The goat-man instead bent his head back and gazed upward at the red moon…

“There was nothing that could be altered. Like I have told you before ::cough:: ‘guardian’… you contaminated Angel with your wickedness- you created an anomaly. An anomaly that could disrupt the natural order of the coming of the Apocalypse! Though the Gate of Apocalypse will one day for sure swing open- your lustful, thoughtless act to inject your seeds into that woman was just foo::cough::lish!”

“I don’t get it! Yes or no.. do you want the Apocalypse? Have I not done you and Lilith a huge favor in deflowering Angel and producing my child?!”– said Red Spyder

Aeean gets all up in Red’s face!
“THE GATE OF THE APOCALYPSE WAS NEVER TO BE OPENED BY ANYONE’S HAND…. BUT ONLY BY MINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEE ALONE! What you have done was fuck up my sole reason for living for so so very long- I can never have my revenge- all of my efforts for thousands of years are flushed into a toilet- all because of your monster beef. ::cough:: You have any idea… any idea what you have done?! [points at the child] THAT must be destroyed! And SHE [points back at Angel] MUST be destroyed along with IT!”

Red tilted his head slightly and yelled at Aeean….

At this Aeean stepped back, only to backhand Red across the face. The force turned Red’s head and when he looked back at Aeean, blood was oozing from the corner of his mouth. The baby was still clutched it one of his arms.

“We can’t make our next move until these problems are taken care of! What were they thinking involving you in this? You’re truly insane!” Aeean looked ready to strike Red again if he still wanted to argue.

“I might just be, but at least I have our futures in mind and not just my own!…. Now I have no problem with killing Angel. You think she’d be the first fucktoy I had to off? I’ve killed better for less. But I think you need to calm the fuck down first!”

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