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The Kali of Death Saga

When CreatureWrestling returned to the Network54 Channel as a direct result of the power changes in the organization- Moebius, The CEO, and Alexander, General DP, butted heads immediately.

Elsewhere there was also a power shift in that Mortismere reconnected with Charon but he was caught with an affair with Charon’s estranged twin, Kali Death. Charon DEMANDED a divorce from Mortis- but Mortis instead decided to prolong Charon’s agony while continuing to screw with Kali. Kali Death wanted the divorce to happen and to become Mortismere’s next dark queen.

(See: Recollection of Love……)




Eventually all hell broke lose on network TV and Mortismere and Kali were publicly humiliated by Charon, Mr. Gray and Kizmat. A massive attack occurred between both parties and eventually Brand-X appeared but exhibited unusual magical powers that were hidden dormant… and one of the powers that was evoked sent everyone to the CWB4Pro house (a guest house on the Death Family estate) where the fighting continued. However, F’ein Dacor managed to take the distraction as a means to enter through the house undetected and located one of the entrances to The Death Family’s cybernetworks

Mortismere then announced on air that he has come to terms with accepting the divorce but on one condition- that Moebius arrives at Castle Mortis with the divorce papers themselves to sign, or the deal is off…. Charon and Moebius refused the condition and then hired Death family lawyers, Messrs Dewey, Screwem and Howe to handle the legality of the divorce.

Mortismere also performed a ritual with Kali and empowered her with the powers of the Unholy Darkness transforming her into The Dark Kali.

Darkspade also appeared back on network54 television and announced that he was back to his old twisted self and disowned Charon of Death- proclaiming that he will obtain the title belt for himself.

Kreature of the Ring 2008

(See Event:

Then on KOR’08 Charon, The Undisputed Champion, was to defend her belt against Metalgod… however, Metalgod reveals that he was not to be the opponent for the night… DARKSPADE was!!! Charon had no problem facing her father… but what shocked the world was Mortismere appeared alongside The Unholy One! Then about midway into the match- Charon’s nanobots went haywire as a CRYPTSPORIDIUM virus infected her. Charon obtained Evangelion’s nanobots as a result of killing Evangelion at CM7. Charon barely managed to win the match but suffered a coma as a result at the end.

Charon of Death Kidnapped!

(Threads where most of this happened:

Charon was sent to a hospital for the incurably insane by Kizmat and Moebius… Charon was in a coma state and the nanobots inside of her also went dormant. In Charon’s unconscious mind she visualized the appearance of a doctor meeting her and called her “Jayne Smith” – Charon was unsettled and told the doctor that she was Charon Death but the response from the Doctor, and staff, was she was out of her mind and delusional. Meanwhile, in the mindful world: Kizmat and Moebius are worried for Charon’s well-being and they both argue- blaming each other for what had happened to Charon… when they visit Charon in her hospital bed she looked helpless and unresponsive.

Later that same night, as Kizmat, Moebius and relatives fell asleep in the hospital waiting room, two shadowly figures emerge and manage to bypass security and enter Charon’s hospital room. Charon’s medical monitors were turned off and the two shadowly figures initialize nanobot binary code inside of her body and transported her in a body bag and escaped with her in the cover of night to an undisclosed location.

When Charon “woke up” she was in a white hospital room and a doctor emerged calling her, again, Jayne Smith. A substance was injected into her body but then the nanbots, now activated, start going haywire and the chattering of binary code spoke to Charon in her mind prompting emergency resources to expel a substance called:¬†cryptosporidium in her bloodstream.

The scene changes soon after, and Charon is once again seen unconscious in a hospital bed and the same two shadowly figures watch on as she twitches from a parasite called cryptosporidium in her bloodstream. The figures indicate that the nanobots, for a brief moment, detected the parasite but then deactivated again. Suddenly- Charon wakes out from her coma along with a message from the nanobots in her head saying “new cybernetic pathways activated” and rips the tubes and wires from her body that monitored her and attacked the figures… Kali Death emerge as one of the shadowly figures and explains that Charon was taken her as a means to make the divorce proceedings between Mortis and Charon work in Mortis’ favor. Charon is confused and reiterates that Mortis’ will get what he wants without any of this as the agreement was to bring Moebius to Castle Mortis with the divorce documents– but Kali explains that Mortis was only interested in taking Moebius and anyone else who follows as slaves- namely, Kizmat… and Mortis had no intention to divorce.

The other ‘shaowly figure’ comes out to be F’ein Dacor and he explains that Kali of Death accepted the Unholy Darkness and of Mortismere- Kali was gifted the power of the Unholy Darkness and had an identical “M” pentagram on her arm- that existed on Charon’s back. Kali easily causes pain to Charon as she placed an index finger on the pentagram- causing Charon to fall down in agony…. with the nanobots furiously trying to block the effects of the dark magic…. but it was too much and Charon passes out. Kali is then scolded by F’ein Dacor who notes that she was using her Dark Powers for pleasure and not for what Mortis intended her to use them for… order and to gain new members. Charon is then taken by guards and shackled in a dungeon.

Charon woke up as a result of the nanobots talking to her and sending binary codes in her head… The idea was to get out of there, but there was dark magic at work which proved to be a bigger issue- otherwise, logic could have solved her situation. Eventually, F’ein Dacor- a relative of Kizmat and Mortismere and a very powerful dark mage- enters the dungeon and is delighted that Charon was still kept. The two converse where F’ein Dacor admits that he wanted Charon to accept the darkness and become even more powerful– implying that Kali was unstable. Charon then recognizes that F’ein’s dark powers were more powerful than Kali and is responsible for the dark magic containing her in the location which is revealed to be an abandoned Technocracy building. The scene fades as Charon was given clothes that she desperately needed and guards cover her head with a hood.

Mobeius Framed!

Meanwhile, police officers enter CW Headquarters to meet CW CEO Moebius on the charge of conspiracy regarding financial documents “proving” that Moebius was responsible for the crashed aeroplane that Richard Arcane was in, and involved in Richard’s Arcane’s disappearance. The Death Family lawyers: Dewey, Screwem and Howe are called by Moebius on the matter right before the police arrested Moebius and took him in.

Menawhile at Castle Mortis- Darkspade was contemplating why he rejoined Mortis and the Unholy Empire- he recollects the memories of him killing Julie. Then F’ein takes Charon to a small room not too far from her original cell. The two guards held the extended chains that bound her…. and it was then, as they entered the room that F’ein finally took off the covering off of Charon’s head.

Charon was feeling queasy in this room. It was a bad room- and as she looked around she noticed how clean everything was and hospital-like. Surgeon instruments where everywhere… but covered in a green-like organic residue… then Charon sees the dead body of Markus, The Evangelion_, and witnesses in horror as scientists are probing and operating the dead body. Charon is confused why F’ein showed her this- but takes the opportunity to get away only to be attacked by her twin sister, Kali. Charon falls unconscious and dies from the intense pain.

F’ein confronts Kali and scolds her on her obsessive use of power in killing Charon and explains, again, why she is working with the Empire and that was to abstract the nanobots from Markus and Charon so the Unholy Empire can recreate the Evangelion project!

Elsewhere, Moebius converses with his lawyers and they find that the ‘evidence’ was planted. They determine that Alex was working with Mortismere, Mortismere took advice from Fein Dacor and they were both linked with Kali, who knew how to get in and out of Death Mansion without too much trouble. Moebius was stuck there as there was no chance at bail.

Then in another scene, a guard takes Charon’s body and places her into a bodybag and drives off leaving the Technocracy building altogether; and arrives at an undisclosed location where he removes Charon’s body from the van and sets the vehicle on fire.

The news of Charon’s death spreads like wildfire in every direction– reaching Moebius and reaching all of the Unholy Empire. In a last scene- we see Darkspade stepping in on Mortismere apparently weeping over Charon’s death but when confronted about it by Darkspade…. Mortis denies that it because he is sad, but rather tears of joy.

Kali’s Plan

Kali accomplished major goals: destabilizing the Death Family, upset the balance of power in CreatureWrestling and destroy her sister, Charon. It would be just a matter of time until she would also neutralize Mortismere, Fein Dacor, Kizmat and Darkspade. But her greatest threat was Brandon, Brand-X, as he exhibited unusual powers that she could not overcome- Brandon was also an enigma and Kali did not know so much about him to assess how much of a threat he truly is to her grand schemes.

The scene then shows an arrival by a council of unusual shadow figures at Castle Mortis’ clock tower… the council assess Kali’s progress, and despite the good news Charon was killed, the council is not pleased because they expected all of the threats done away by now and accused Kali of slacking off and working on personal matters. The council reminds Kali of a prophesy spoke of in the Book of Death Prophesy:

When the Shadows rise and conquer all those that rule the Fortress of Evil and defeat those with the Skull as their banner, two will appear from the darkness. One, a dark figure, will travel with a katana. The second a large wolf creature will travel with them, its eyes an eerie green. They travel under the banner of the Skull and the shadows will follow them. The Shadows will be usurped and the Fortress of Evil will be freed and balance restored.

The Prophesy referred to two members of the Death family but there were only two left now known to be a threat, one was Darkspade and the other Moebius. A katana was a samurai sword and as far as Kali was aware neither Spade or Moebius had training to use either. Large wolf creature could be anything from a big black dog to a tame wolf or even a werewolf. The bloody texts were too vague and open to interpretation to be reliable, yet Charon had taken an interest, why? Well it was too late to ask now. Kali said nothing as the leader of the Shadow council finished the passage in the book….

The dead will rise at the full moon, take up arms against the Shadows and those it strikes will then follow in their footsteps.

The Shadow council leader explained to Kali that he thinks Charon may have worked out what some of these passages might have meant. Charon went to her own death much more willingly than anyone realized- Charon sacrificed herself for a greater good.

Kali is furious and leaves the presence of the Shadow Council and enters a portal to re-appear back at the Death Family Manor which is in disarray due to police raiding the estate on Charon’s detailed instructions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gray is researching in the Death Family Library, on the same grounds as the manor is on, and discovers that The Shadow Realms oldest copy of the Prophecies was a translation, not from the original but from the first transcript translation. Gray had in his possession a copy of the original Book of Prophesy and discovered some errors as he looked at the translation from the original to human English. Some of the descriptions had several meanings dependent upon their context and it would seem the context hadn’t been taken into account when the first translation had been made. Gray spends several weeks re-translating the chapter on the Death family on the idea that there was something very important missed and Charon intended for him to find out. Gray remembered that Charon had given him the Death Family book of genealogy; he had read it without much conviction until he had come across the bit about Charon, the ferryman of dead souls. The name Charon is given to one member of each generation to ensure the continuation of the job of Charon when the current ferryman wishes to retire. Those named as a Charon can not die unless they choose to or the current ferryman wishes to give up his job. Gray continued to cross reference the Book of Prophecies with the book of genealogy… and noticed a correlation regarding a wolf like creature named “A’court”.

Gray pulled up the online BMD database that Moebius and Charon had created from written creature records and typed in the name in the book, it had one hit and he stared at it open mouthed. Charon had written copious notes and he realized who the person was. How had they both kept it a secret and why? Gray grabbed his translation again and suddenly he knew who the second person mentioned in the two people rising from the shadows would be.

Charon had already done this research, she must have done it months ago when she realized Kali was in league with Mortismere but she had gone further than that. She had already known what the Shadows rising meant and had obviously realized she would be the biggest walking target in the universe.


He entered his dark tower at Castle Mortis, where he has his own command station filled with advanced technology from Neo-Earth. Sitting back in his chair he gentle presses on some translucent control panels and there it was…. the Evangelion DNA Strain…. F’ein noted something peculiar…. the nanobots. F’ein knew little about the nanobot technology because he didn’t head that side of the project- however- originally the nanobots where there to “make things neat and tidy”…. so in other words, the nanobots prevented Markus from independent thought and human emotion.

But this was strange….. the nanobots on the screen seemed to be buzzling and doing odd things ‘on their own’…… F’ein’s eyes widened. Was this the leak… could the nanobots evolved… and more disturbingly… was Markus the fault? F’ein realized that for awhile Markus escaped the Grand Palace of Lilith during the Great War and tried to help the humans defend against EVA_CORP… it was at that time Markus fell in love with a woman. It was Markus’ greatest weakness….. he could have had freedom if he didn’t love her so. Protected her to the very moment when he was recaptured by EVA_CORP and then ‘processed’ into THE EVANGELION. Could the simple, mindless emotion of LOVE be the trigger?

F’ein pondered these thoughts…. even if it seemed far fetched, any idea is valid at this point. When put into perspective with Charon…. it didn’t make sense. She was dead anyway. F’ein had to break the news to Mortismere somehow. Mortis hated Charon but he still wanted her somewhat alive for his own sick and perverted fantasies of seeing him torture her to the very last breath of air leaving her lungs. Still, F’ein sat there in deep thought… F’ein realized that Charon was more powerful than previously thought

F’ein needed to find Kali and get to the bottom of this. And so, he swiftly stood up– disengaged his sword and struck the ground. With the blade struck to the floor he creates a circle around him which then transformed into a portal…. and within seconds, F’ein bent time and space in order to find where Kali is at!

Death Manor was a mess, there were papers everywhere, furniture had been overturned and ripped open, expensive ornaments and vases had been smashed with little thought to their value. Kali stepped through it all carefully and headed straight for the family library. She cursed as she saw the mess that had been made there, every book had been pulled from its place and dumped in a pile in the centre. It could take her hours to find the one she wanted.

Kali was frantically trying to find that one ‘book’ that could explain the connection…. the knowledge she has been bestowed upon her by the Shadowlings haunted her– Charon researched all of this BEFORE! And so, Kali had to find out what she was up too…. then that was when she stopped all of a sudden. For she could feel a presence…. Lord Kizmat appears and confronts her noting that he felt the intense power of the Shadowverse dwelling inside of her. Kizmat was in fear realizing that Kali had the power of the Unholy Darkness and the Power of the Shadow…. but there was yet something else inside of her… raging on… ready to be unleashed! A power that eclipsed his own and his brother. Kizmat had no other choice but to attack Kali!

Kali’s eye’s turned an inky black, a breeze whipped her hair round her face as it gathered speed much like a localized hurricane. Books were caught up and span with lethal speed around the library, it was then she began to realize that the book was no longer within the walls of the manor, otherwise Kizmat wouldn’t be there. Kizmat tried to pull her toward him with the whip wrapped around her wrist but she had now gone far beyond anything he had ever seen before.

The whip was hit with a bolt of dark energy that severed it, sending it spinning back toward him and throwing him off balance. Kali’s face had grown dark and distorted as she looked down upon the Lord of Blood. The shadows seemed to flicker toward her and light seemed to be trying to escape from her presence. Kizmat crawled backwards away from the grotesque being towering above him. She looked like a combination of a shadow demon, the dark power Mortismere and Fein commanded, the Shadowverse and the Evangelion. Surely that much darkness couldn’t be contained for long in one so young but then Charon had managed to contain many horrible and dark things. Kizmat found himself getting angry at the thought of Charon’s death. He stood up, leaning in against the force of the gathering storm. Kali struck him hard across the chest, it ripped a gash through the armour, something he hadn’t expected and the dark power stung him.

Without warning a portal opened up behind him and Fein stepped through. He was hit suddenly by the force of the darkness and he too found himself straining to remain upright. Kali then lost it completely. She threw out her arms and screamed an ancient curse in the Shadow Realms own language. The entire Manor was engulfed by a blinding white and black light at the same time.



Brandon meets a mysterious woman at a training facility in Japan…. the woman trains with her katana for the upcoming inevitable confrontations. The mysterious woman and Brandon talk about recruiting Creatures to fill in the void of allies that they have lost – and aim for an all-out-war against a bigger threat than the Unholy Empire…. The Shadows.

Brandon and the mysterious woman travel to find Grey with Charon’s dead body. Grey also had with him packages that Charon instructed for him to give to Brandon and the woman when the time would come. The contents within the packages were samurai armors and special weapons such as a katana and guns- all of which can absorb dark magic. Brandon, the mysterious woman and Grey converse about how the armor and weapons were assembled by Charon long ago and that they share bloodlines as The Skeleton Riders…. that was when Charon’s body illuminated with an eerie white light and she comes back from the dead into the realm of the living.

Elsewhere, Dark Kali Death brutally attacks Kizmat and F’ein Dacor arrives to see her jump in power- he notes that at this rate she could reach Lilith’s power level and mayhaps eclipse it. Kizmat daringly challenged Dark Kali as she ascended from the floor and exhibited enormous powers from the darkness and of the light– which as a result helped Kizmat to recover! The Lord of Blood, Kizmat, eventually contains her but F’ein Dacor attacks with his joeyuse and downs Kizmat…. F’ein asks Dark Kali to put away petty differences and to work together in order to bring a resolve.

Much farther away… Moebius attacked the police officers, which we discover to be false police officers working for Mortismere, in the interrogation room who tried to threaten his life and kills them… Alexander Arcane watched the entire situation unfold behind a double-sided mirror…. but Moebius sensed Alexander’s presence and destroys the mirror to reveal Alex. However, Alexander emits Unholy Darkness and attacks Moebius to the point of unconsciousness… and with Mortismere’s voice channeled through Alexander’s mind…. Alex picks up Moebius and disappears through a dark Unholy Myst.

The scene then switches back to the moment when Dark Kali Death and F’ein Dacor contained Kizmat and a possible partnership was in development…. Darkspade arrives through a portal and witnesses Kali and F’ein talking– Dark Kali thinks about the possible pact and agrees, with private agendas, in mind and the two converse about the bond that exists between Charon and Kizmat. F’ein realizes that the bond could be useful to truly know for sure of Charon is dead and elects to bring Kizmat back alive to Castle Mortis. Darkspade is worried more than ever now that key Death Family members were dead or contained.

Power and Control

The next thing we see is Moebius waking up in a cell and Kizmat is there with him…. the two share information of recent events and Moebius thinks back on what he remembered about the Book of Prophesy and the chapter about the Death Family… and of Charon, the ferryman of the dead. Moebius also recollects that if the current Charon dies but not of their own free will then they will be re-borned at a full moon. Kizmat knowing that the moon was full a few days ago realizes that Charon is still alive! The mentioning of the Skeleton Riders and of even older Creature families were spoken of… Not too soon after- two Thaumaturge Unholy Royale Knights of high rank enter the cell and drag both Moebius and Kizmat into Mortismere’s throne room… Mortismere is accompanied by F’ein Dacor, Dark Kali of Death and Alexander Arcane…

F’ein Dacor demands for them to release what they know about the Book of Prophsey and when Moebius and Kizmat refused- Alexander Arcane downs Kizmat with an Unholy red dark energy… Just outside of the castle- Brandon, the mysterious woman and Charon are parading on horseback along with wearing skeleton masks…. Brandon gets irritated about the horse but is instructed to go to a specified location and to wait there as the myserious woman and Charon also go to specific locations for an all-out-strike!

Meanwhile back inside the throne room– Moebius all screams out the entire information that Mortis craved and warns them about the dead rising at full moon and of what ‘Charon’ actually means. Dark Kali realizes that Charon is still alive and she goes ballistic with her dark powers which overwhelmed everyone in the room…. the next thing that happens is Dark Kali sends everyone, including Mortis, F’ein and Alexander, to a holding cell and shackled with chains. Moebius asks F’ein Dacor if he has any regrets- F’ein sighs and explains that he suspected Dark Kali was a Shaowfiend, like himself, but when tainted by the Unholy Darkness she went mad.

The Shadows Rise

Dark Kali summons the Shadow Army and hundreds of them emerge to surround Castle Mortis. A Shadow commander then reports that the Skeleton Riders are here along with demon horses- Dark Kali realizes that this is exactly depicted in the Book of Prophesy.

The War to End all Wars was coming rapidly. The lone Darkspade reached the village closest to Castle Mortis- it was deserted and in flames- by the chaos and evil that finally was too strong to contain. After hours walking around the ruint village, Darkspade stops in front of an old shack of a building he once remembered long before. This was were Mortismere convinced him into accepting the ‘truth’- that the Death Family was the cause of his wife’s death. However, now knowing that was a complete lie, Spade clenched his fist tightly and screamed like a loon. His energy escalates so brightly… so intensively- that he manages to make the building burst up in flames. Who was he then? Conflicted… disoriented. Spade was on the border line between darkness and light- however, he realizes that the Unholy Darkness, his power, was killing him. Though, without the Unholy Darkness- his existence would be for not. Falling down to his knees he screams out for her…. “Julie!!!!” It was at that point a shimmering light above him formed. Darkspade looks up and sees her face. Untainted by the Dark Sin that resided inside of Spade Deathen.

Her pure form brought back memories that were held dormant. Julie held her hand out and Spade reached to grab it…. but then the atmosphere changed violently, her hand evaporates and Spade nearly reached out to grab Dark Sincentius! Spade crawled backwards on the ground in complete an utter shock. Was this another hallucination? Was this another trickery by Mortismere? Or was this the true form of Spade Deathen’s heart….

Darkspade’s alter egos emerge…. including that of The Dark Sincentius. Dark Sincentius explains to Spade:

Looks up Castle Mortis in the distance… being consumed by the Shadows
“To you I am your darkest sin, but long have I lived inside of your family… waiting generation after generation until two twins of light and darkness were born. At first born it was Spade and Serin- but I sensed that it was not you who would full fill the prophecy… it was your children. Even though I choose the wrong host, you provided the means to end the birth of another set of twins born between the light and darkness. I nearly succeeded if it wasn’t for your brother’s interference.”

Sincentius reveals a long hidden dark fact… that it was SINCENTIUS, not Spade, who killed Julie. Darkspade was shocked and Sincentius leaves, explaining that he is no long bound to Spade’s body and to prepare for a fate far worse than death…. Charon then surprises Darkspade with her appearance and the two talk about the Book of Prophesy… Charon summarizes all of the events to Spade:

“Sometime in the distant past, the Death family were given the job of Ferryman of dead souls. It doesn’t explain exactly why or how we came to be living in the mortal World with humans but it does insist that every generation must name a Charon to ensure that the job is always filled. It also states that those named as Charon can not die unless they choose to or they die when the current ferryman wishes to retire. This means that if I choose to die, I still have to come back. So you see choosing to die requires a great deal of planning beforehand. I’ve been planning this point in time since Moebius was born and I can tell you that nothing is quite as black or white as it seems. No matter how much I detest Mortismere, Fein, you or Alex, part of my job in this World is to maintain balance as best I can, afterall I don’t want to overload the current Charon with a huge influx of souls wanting to cross over, do I?

The prophecies were just gobbledegook when I first started to read them but I began to realise that they had meaning, they just weren’t clear for some reason. As Moebius was schooled in the Shadow Realm I took the opportunity to do a bit of research and I started to see that their book wasn’t translated from the original, it had been translated many years later from a transcript made by a well meaning Shadowscribe. That scribe didn’t see that the original prophecies relied on context. It wasn’t long before I tracked down an original copy and with some help from translation books started to see what the prophecies were actually meant to be.”

Darkspade understood all to well now the extend of Charon’s careful planning– Charon not only came back to life but she was also granted the power of a Shadow Demon and in control of her own demon army which is now assembling as they speak! Darkspade had to make a decision to either help or play it safe… he decides to join Charon and mounts on top of a hell horse bound to Castle Mortis.

Mortismere finally regained most of his consciousness and realized the pickle he got himself in! Then took immediate offense!!! cussing… and trying to break himself free from the magical chains- Mortismere appeared helpless and utterly ridiculous with his long ceremonial robe. Kizmat and F’ein Dacor bad mouth Mortismere– F’ein goes a step further and explains to Mortis that he helped create Mortismere to pick up where Hra’gad, Mortis’ father, left off… and was utterly disappointed at Mortis. Suddenly the smell of urine prompt everyone to look onward as Seer emerges, drunk, and drops the keys to the chains.

The Attack on Castle Mortis!

Charon with Darkspade arrive in position to the side of Castle Mortis… she had hoped that both Brandon and the mysterious woman (whom was revealed to Spade as her attendant Tomei) were also in their positions as well for a calculated strike against the Castle and of the Shadow Army….

Then with the command given by Charon- the attack was underway… Charon with Darkspade, Brandon and Tomei enter the Castle from their respected sides as they cut through the resistance… Once Charon and Darkspade got close to the throne room, Darkspade dashed to the dungeon to release Kizmat and Moebius- while Charon emerged to see Tomei matching move to move with Dark Kali with her Samurai skills.

Dark Kali grows irate and attacks Charon with her dark powers but Charon sidesteps easily and commands Tomei to remove her Skeleton Mask…. Tomei was another shadow demon, one who had chosen an interesting path, one of the few samurai shadow demons who chose to ride the Earth as Skeleton riders until called upon to battle by other Samurai shadow demons. Charon seemed to flick her wrist in a quick almost imperceptible movement and Tomei, the skeleton rider, disappeared into the shadows around them.

Charon and Dark Kali were finally alone to finish matters long long overdue… the two twins attack furiously- not one giving in!

Kali followed as she circled round to the battle room and backed into it. Kali grinned, now she was trapped and the last thing either of them saw was Darkspade running across the hallway followed by Moebius, Kizmat, Mortismere, Fein and Seer as the doors slammed tightly shut. Kali’s grin was horrid, pure evil. She lifted her arms and shot a blast of black energy at Charon. Charon held the katana firmly in an upright position, breathed in, closed her eyes and watched the energy in her minds eye. The katana sliced downwards straight through the centre of the energy and blasted to either side of her as the burst was deflected. She opened her eyes again and looked slowly up at Kali. She saw the odd expression as realization started to dawn on her twin.

Charon had no intention of letting her leave that room alive, even if she had to kill herself to do it and there was no one here now to help. No one could get in and neither one of them could get out.

Outside the battle room, across the hallway…. and into the grand courtyard….. Mortismere, Seer and F’ein where literately and forcefully tossed to the dirty ground by the strength of Kizmat. Kizmat quickly chanted in ancient tongues and the vines in the courtyard came to life!!! and entangled the three stooges… but F’ein was laughing manically at all of this. Kizmat demanded to know what was going on and how to get to Charon… Mortismere, surprisingly, offers the Twilight Phial that was around his neck to his brother in order to appear inside of the Battle Room… Kizmat takes the phial uses it.

Just Trying to Do the Right Thing

The moment Kizmat appeared in the battle room was when Charon and Dark Kali were in the heat of exchange… Charon was hell bent on killing Kali!! but Kizmat was there to save Charon. Charon refused to listen to reason from Kizmat and continued the attack on Kali.

Kizmat finally gave up and stayed where he was. Charon raised her hands to her waist and Kizmat could feel the energy being generated as her hands rose higher, Kali was doing the same thing only there was nothing but darkness surrounding Kali, whereas Charon was surrounded by shadows and through the spinning shadows were shafts of light. Kizmat began to realize why she’d wanted him to leave because the power the two of them were creating was beyond anything he’d seen contained in such a small area. When it exploded it was going to be like a nuclear bomb blast in the drum of a washing machine. Kizmat shielded his eyes as the energy swirled faster and faster around the two women, objects and furniture were being slowly drawn into the maelstrom and Kizmat himself had to grab hold of a stone pillar to stop himself from being sucked toward them both.

Charons eyes had begun to glow red and gold and Kali’s were a pure black, Kizmat felt as though his eyeballs and eardrums were being sucked out and he held the pillar for dear life. He watched as static electric charges began to discharge onto the metal objects around the room. Suddenly, without warning both women thrust out their hands toward each other and their energies connected rather than exploded. Kizmat watched as they were both straining to gain ground on the other and where the two energies connected the air began to glow a molten blue like a gas flame. Charons mind was concentrated completely and utterly on beating Kali but Kali was concentrating on killing Charon. The static electric began to discharge constantly making the air crackle with ozone, still the two women refused to drop their guard.

Finally, Kizmat could stand it no longer and he yelled, in fact he screamed in rage, frustration and fear all at once but it was enough to cause Charon to lose her concentration just a fraction and she turned her red and gold eyes to him. Kali tried to use the distraction to gain the upper hand but Charon pushed back suddenly, catching her off balance and she fell backwards. The energy in the room still swirled like a tornado, golden tornadoes chasing black tornadoes all round the room. Charon chanted something ina tongue unknown to Kizmat and a dark portal opened up behind Kali, she walked over to her and shoved her to the very brink of it.

“I’m giving you a choice, step into the portal of your own free will or I will run you through with my katana and shove you in myself. Your choice.”

Kali sneered, reached down the side of her boot and plunged the dagger right into the front of Charon leg. Charon screamed and lunged blindly at Kali with the katana but it caught its mark and sliced straight through Kali’s chest like a hot knife through butter. Kali seemed surprised and looked down at the sword protuding from her chest and then fell slowly backwards into the portal. All the dark energy she had created was sucked in after her and the portal popped shut. Charon stared dumbly at where her twin had stood only moments before, she felt drained whereas only moments ago she had felt the most powerful she’d ever felt in her entire life.

Kizmat finally pulled himself up and grabbed Charon before she fell. Chunks of masonry were beginning to fall from the ceiling and all over the castle the vibration caused by the tornado like energy was causing untold damage as light fixings, thrones and decorations were pulled apart by falling brickwork….

From a bird’s eye view- we see Moebius and Darkspade running and dragging the contained threesome of evil: Mortismere, F’ein and Seer – nearly to the drawbridge! Moebius quickly threw the gigantic Mortismere with his enormous strength to the ground and yelled right at him!

Moebius: Now TALK you son of a bitch! WHY DID YOU OFFER KIZMAT A WAY IN!

::Mortis chuckled with a crackling laughter… even while still entangled with vines… he was trying to get himself free. That was when, everybody felt it… the enormous power surge….. Moebius looked downward at Darkspade, whom had F’ein by the neck and Seer gobbling down by his feet.::

Mortismere knew that by having Kizmat in close proximity to Charon that Kizmat’s tainted evil would upset the balance of power and send Dark Kali into the Shadowverse.

Kizmat scooped Charon up and looked for a way out, she was laying in his arms, her eyes were rolling and she felt to him as though she didn’t care what happened now. Kizmat swore loudly as several chunks of masonry fell close to where he was standing.

Brandon had been running through a corridor up in the top most part of the castle that didn’t look as though anyone had been in for some time. He’d been chasing a druid with increasing glee until the energy burst had sent a shuddering blast through the whole castle. He had stopped dead in his tracks and transformed back into his human form.

He now stood on a balcony sniffing the air and he soon realized that not everyone had made it out of the castle yet, that is not everyone of importance to him. His sensitive ears picked up on a argument just round the corner and below where he was standing. Mortismere was relying on his trickery and mind games to make the other members of the Death family unsure of themselves and since he could not hear Charon or Kizmat he assumed quite correctly they were the two people still trapped in the room downstairs.

Charon felt as though the whole World was falling apart around her and she could hear the crashing masonry and Kizmat’s curses. She listened to his kindred heart pumping crazily with all the adrenaline dumped into his system. She tried to pull herself up and touch his face, he looked down into her face and kissed her. Then Kizmat picks her up and uses the Twilight Phial to stop F’ein Dacor from escaping.

Kizmat carefully knelled and Charon climbed off of his massive shoulders. F’ein was SHOCKED…. his hair was even whiter than ever. And as Kizmat stood up- Charon, at first, payed no attention at F’ein or the other goons off in the distance being scolded by Moebius and Darkspade. Instead, she took Brandon’s hand and thanked him. Then finally, she turns and catches F’ein expression…. F’ein quickly notices that Charon katana was saturated with dark blood…… blood from her very own sister…. F’ein finally surrenders and the Castle was now in the handles of Charon and Kizmat.

Mortismere, Seer and Alexander were rounded up by Moebius and Darkspade… their plan was to transport these three troublesome dolts in a carriage that just came in by a small herd of hell horses….. Darkspade shook his head…. “Errh… not more hell horses…”

Mortis was still screaming and swearing up a storm but quit suddenly, Alexander managed to lite some type of tool that was kept hidden in his jacket and then the vines that entangled the three stooges burnt off and the magical properties that kept them from using their powers was released! Mortismere’s eyes instantly swelled with a dark red blood and he levitated upward!!! Moebius screams to Spade who was talking to the rider on the carriage –

Spade turns and sees Mortis hovering above and charging his Dark Embrace! Darkspade quickly ran and evoked his Unholy Cardinal powers to tackle Alexander to the ground. But, Alexander snatched ahold of Moebius’ ankle which made him fall to the ground…. IT WAS A SETUP!!! Kizmat, Charon and Brandon are still talking with F’ein… and Kizmat just barely disarmed F’ein and was able to shackle him.. but that was when Brandon saw Mortis high up in the air in the distance…. Charon unsheathed her katana and rushed forward… Kizmat looked on and he released F’ein to run with Charon!!! for Mortismere was planning to KILL Moebius!!!

The Dark Embrace, the ultimate Unholy Dark Art, contained all of the evil energies on the planet!!! the dark ball of energy was bursting from Mortis’ twisted hand….. With a flick of his left hand– Mortismere sent the ball of power soaring down towards Moebius…… Charon and Kizmat were too late and the ball struck Moebius which sent the landscape ablaze with fire across the ground…….. Charon and Kizmat were thrown back by the explosion and then fall 12 feet to the ground. Kizmat was bloodied as he was holding Charon in his arms…. he saw Moebius on fire and then as the dark power disappeared, he kneeled and fell face first to the ground!!! Kizmat SCRREEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM and rage over came him but Mortis turned in mid air and swiftly blanketed himself with his cape…. both Mortis and Alex disappear in a myst….. Kizmat stood up and saw Brandon disoriented…. and Darkspade was no where to be found… F’ein escaped as well but Seer was hiding behind a hell horse! Moebius was the one that entered Kizmat’s mind!!! WAS HE STILL ALIVE!!!


Charon who was already exhausted and was now suffering from shock and concussion screamed in fear and rage. She somehow got to her feet and made it to Moebius before Kizmat, she stared at him and was unsure whether she should touch him and realising she had no idea what to do, turned to Kizmat.

“Kizmat, help him, please! Don’t let him die! This is all my fault!”

Tears began to stream down Charon’s face as Darkspade watched the scene unfolding in front of him and decided instead to attend to Brandon who seemed odder than usual. He felt as though he was intruding on something private and retreated, grabbing Brandons arm and steering him to a quiet corner.

Kizmat reached Moebius and Charon and looked at their son, almost unwilling to beleive he could have survived but his sons huge chest was indeed moving up and down. It was labored but he was hanging in, what Kizmat couldn’t work out was how. He’d never seen anyone survive Mortismere’s Dark Embrace but it was Darkspade who provided the rather strange answer to Moebius’ survival.

Darkspade realized that Brandon’s expression was unfocused and vacant and that he was mumbling odd words and incantations that Darkspade realised only Mortismere and a few others knew but Brandon was adding in counter incantations, odd words and phrases Darkspade had never heard before. He grabbed Brandon by the arm and spun him round so he could see him better. He had a weird half smile on his face and his eyes were a pitch black….

“Kizmat! I think you should see this.”

Kizmat held Moebius’ hand and reassured him.

“I don’t have time for cryptic clues Darkspade, my son is wounded in some way and I have no idea…”

Darkspade interrupted him.

“I think the oddball here maybe able to shed some light on how Moebius survived.”

Kizmat looked round and saw Darkspade staring at Brandon’s face and pulled himself upright. He looked at Charon, led her to Moebius, sat her down next to him and put her hand in his. She was going into that numb phase where everything seemed unreal and emotions were so overwhelming the mind shut down.
He looked over at Darkspade and Brandon and strode over.

“What’s wrong with him?”

Darkspade shrugged but answered anyway.

“Look at his eyes and listen to the words he mumbles.”

Kizmat noted the strange black eyes straight away and then listened. He looked up at Darkspade.

“Counter incantations? I didn’t know any existed for the Dark Embrace.”

Kizmat straightened up puzzled, Darkspade was also deep in thought when something occured to him.

“Kizmat, to have been affected by the embrace Brandon would have had to be in direct contact with it. What if he somehow managed to deflect the magic slightly, it would explain how Moebius survived.”

Kizmat sighed.

“You could be correct but what of these counter incantations? How could he know these things when even you and I are unaware of them?”

Darkspade was chewing his lip thinking.

“Brandon has powers that even he seems unaware of, perhaps he gained access to Mortismeres thoughts or maybe even his mind?”

Kizmat snorted.

“That would drive any sane man mad!”

Darkspade looked at Brandon’s vacant expression and black eyes.

“Possibly but what if he wasn’t sane to start with?”

Kizmat frowned.

“We don’t have time for this, the Castle is almost in ruins and I need help getting my family home.”

Darkspade looked over at Moebius and Charon almost guiltily.

“Which home? Your’s or the Death home?”

Kizmat thought for a few seconds.

“I think the mansion, Gray will be there and can help.”

Darkspade nodded and loaded Brandon into the carriage with new instructions to take the passengers to Death Mansion. He returned to help Kizmat with Moebius and Charon, Kizmat was carrying Moebius and Darkspade took Charon gently by the arm and steered her carefully towards the carriage and made sure they all got in safely. Kizmat stepped down from the carriage and looked long and hard at Darkspade.

“What of you? What will you do now?”

Darkspade shrugged, it had been a long few weeks. Kizmat held his hand out and grabbed Darkspade, shaking his hand as though it was dog he wished to strangle, Spade stepped back slightly surprised. Kizmat uttered a few words that only Darkspade caught.

“I am in your debt and will repay you in whatever way I can. We’ll keep this agreement between ourselves and if you ever tell anyone, the debt is cancelled.”

It was an instruction not a choice and Darkspade understood. Kizmat would be retaining the balance of things while Charon healed and they nursed their son and the oddball Brandon. The carriage flew off at impossible speed and Darkspade watched it go before muttering.

“I really do HATE hell horses…”

After Thoughts


Darkspade watched the carriage off with those sick looking Hell Horses pulling it…. Spade rolled his left black leather sleeve up and there was an electronic watch was strapped to his wrist. It started to buzz and light up- instantly, Darkspade’s red sport scar materialized from it’s cloaked location behind a dreary old shed. Spade walked to the vehicle but then stops to turns- he saw that slimmy old fart of a wasted old man, Seer!!

Seer laughed at Darkspade even as Darkspade threatened to take Seer back to Galzamec Prison… but Seer spills the beans on what drives Brandon… it was not The Unholy Darkness but of the Holy Darkness…..

“Ah I don’t care if ye believin in meh Spadey… Ask you this how can a Vampire be good?…. they are considered Evil by mannnny mannnny but what distinguishes them from the rest of the ol bad ones eh?? It’s their choices? Or is it their god forsaken will? I dunno how Brandon stopped The Dark Embrace from killing Moebius…. but what I do know is I FELT Brandon touch the darkness with his claws and managed to use it for good. If such a thing truly exists….. hee hee I dunno. I just FELT IT! I’ll be see’n ya ol Spadey!”

Seer slammed the jar down to the floor and a yellow gas rose from it….. Spade covered his nose and by the time the gas disspated…. Seer was gone.

Even though Seer has clearly lost his mind… if such a counter did exist to stop the Dark Embrace then the tought of using the darkness for good wasn’t that insane of an idea after all. But still, this didn’t solve what Brandon was mumbling or how he knew the incantations… Something else was going on. With those thoughts, Spade climbed into his sports car and drove off into the darkness…….

Meanwhile… Kizmat returns to Death Manor with Charon, Moebious and the unconscious body of Brandon…
Gray was already waiting for them with the door to the mansion open and bizarrely, and Kizmat genuinely didn’t know where he got it from, a medical helicopter idling on the large expanse of front lawn. Gray ran right up to the carriage, he’d been expecting Charon to be the one needing urgent medical attention but inside he saw that two people needed attention and that was Moebius and Brandon.

Two paramedics ran across the lawn, they wore the logo of the only creature hospital in the area, they took one look at Moebius and radioed back to the chopper. The rotors began to whine as they powered up and a third paramedic ran across with a stretcher. Kizmat helped them lift his son onto the gurney and strap him in, two of the paramedics lifted him easily and ran him back to the chopper and secured him safely. Kizmat asked the third paramedic to take a look at Brandon, he shined a light into his eyes and then frowned and did it a couple more times.

Mr. Grey:
“The man has a hide thicker than any werewolf I know of. He took it upon himself to step between Moebius and Mortismere right in the path of the Embrace but low and behold they are still both here to tell the tale. How the hell can he know incantations that not even I have heard uttered? Tell me that? Charon knows something about him though otherwise she would not have included him in the plan. Weird guy though…. He is indirectly related to the Death family through one of Damien’s little indiscretions. His grandfather is one of Damien’s illegitimate children but here’s the odd thing. The mother was a priests daughter, she ran away and had the child despite the families insistence that she have the child destroyed. Up until then the family were pure humans, they had no creature connections at all. Damien is a Wolf and it seems that ability has been passed down the generations to Brandon. Do you see the conflict?””

Kizmat sat back and thought. One pure, religious and good woman who was probably still a virgin when she’d been whisked away by the elusive Damien who was a Wolf but not just any wolf. Damien was a shape shifter, he was able to alter his shape and could become a werewolf at will not just at the full moon. It was a powerful combination. Wolves were evil by design but Damien had been true to his family heritage in maintaining balance using as little evil as was necessary to contain the pure evil that lurked within the walls of Castle Mortis. Just as Charon and Kali were powerful, so was Brandon but a different type of powerful, he was an innocent, he had no idea of his own powers. Kizmat lowered the beer bottle to the desk top.

Mr. Grey figured out that Brandon, despite growing up in the shadow of such evil, turned out quite the different- that he walked the path of light in the darkness and is Mortismere’s opposite.

The knowledge made everyone slightly more at peace with the World right now, the very thought that Mortismere may have met his match in the body of a gangly, well dressed, british man with massive hair. When you looked at it from appearances sake, the more opposites there were between Brandon and Mortismere.

We see a portal forming….. some demon minions watch on in anticipation…. till finally the portal BURSTED open. The first to exit was F’ein, then, the Demons bowed their heads as Lord Mortismere exists the portal last. Mortis haven’t entered Kali-Shoel for nearly over a year now… not since he possessed Alexander’s body and used it as a vessel to enter the realm of Earth and lose his godhood. Mortismere snarled and crackled his twisted and sharp teeth…. this immediately made all of the creature minions in his flesh covered throne room quite busy running around like mad hounds.

F’ein looked up as Mortismere clawed and climbed up a mountain of carcasses to his infamous throne of flesh and bones. Mortismere sighed and clenched his silver hand in anger. F’ein was bold to address Mortismere seriously…. F’ein told Mortis that he is in-charge now.

F’ein rolled his eye and then whipped out his joeyuse. Once Kali was gone from the Earthly realm- his weapon came back to it’s previous owner. Mortismere’s was just about to stand up and summon a dreadful Dark Embrace… but the sands of time and space froze. However, Mortis though frozen could see and hear F’ein.

Arrogantly waves his hand across his mouth as he climbed the mountain of flesh
F’ein Dacor
“Your ignorance almost amuses me Mortis. [kneels slightly] Now, listen to my lips carefully for what I am about to say to you might just… slip from your overgrown brain of yours. That dispensable little dog, Brandon, contains the essence of Holy Darkness. You still do not understand, I can see it already and your froze in time….. pssst…. why I am I even wasting my time with you. Awh, but I will just humor myself then I guess. I don’t know how Brandon has the Holy Darkness by his command but I do know it spells trouble for the Empire and thusly, for Queen Lilith. Now before I unfreeze you from my unmeasurable power, you WILL take my command as since I created your worthlessness and can kill you just as easy…….. Brandon was born from Damien. And I know that Damien was filled with saturated darkness… I am still working things out… If we play our cards right, Mortis, we can use this to our advantage. [Mortis’ clicks his head to the side] Though Brandon lies between the darkness and light- he’s vunerable and highly unstable. I imagine eventually, one side will overcome the other…. we just have to…. ‘push’ Brandon into the direction of the Unholy Darkness…… I must go Mortis, I command you to seek and destroy Moebius before he can recover and take office again as the CW Chairman. For right now Alexander has presence in the Creature Wrestling Entertainment….. we must act accordingly… and in secret. Brandon must be turned. This light… dark…. lightdark…. darklight… and balance… is quite interesting, though, it doesn’t fullfill my agenda…”

F’ein opens a portal to the realm of Neo-Earth

That concludes the Dark-Kali Saga…



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