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The NSA Era, Page 1

The aftermath of The Virus Saga left many wounds wide open. Not only was the Death Family deeply affected and Crimson taken by EVA; but the CreatureWrestling organization was in turmoil and disarray. Alexander Arcane was shot by Richard with a nailgun that was similar to Charon and because of Alexander’s death the media was in a frenzy. Though a webcam came across all of the interaction; Richard was not through with attempting to frame Charon on Alexander’s Death.

Not only that, but a change in how CreatureWrestling is viewed across the Networks would eventually spark one of the most controversial series of events leading to a massive collapse of CW itself…. called, the NSA Network.

The Rise of the Non-Stop-Adrenaline Network

There was a power shift in Creature Wrestling Corporation once Richard Arcane inherited the company after Alexander Arcane died. Chane McMahon was promoted to direct all of the Networking for CreatureWrestling shows… Chane decided to contract NSA Network to become the new provider for CreatureWrestling. Chane promised that the new switch to the NSA Network would revolutionize all of Wrestling and television media in general. After CM IX, an announcement was made on NSA Network by Chane McMahon for the first time:


After the stunning new NSA logo appeared at the end of your TV screen, an all too familiar Creature Tron played!!! Everybody in the arena watched on as Chane McMahon exited the stage with a microphone…… It was some time since the CW left Network54 and now that they did, and for good this time, the ballgame got MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more INTENSE!!!

Chane strutted down the isle and then up the rampway to address all who were watching, anticipating! The announcement that CW has moved to NSA network has the entire world watching…. and tonight, Chane McMahon will unleash an exclusive….

“HO HO HO HO!!! Boy SURPRISE!!! SO many changes are happening in the CW it is impossible to keep up. The rumors where confirmed at CW Mayhem and just in a couple of days CW will make its final preparations to move off of the old… soggy… and timed Network54!! Network54 was o-k-a-y but CW has and always will be the originator. Network54 housed the bulk of our illustrious 10 year legacy… there is no denying that however, it is time to move on. The Board of Directors and ultimately the fans all agreed that it was time to hang Network54 up and evolve to the next level!!!” – Said Chane McMahon

[Chane looks around at the fans who all where cheering CW!!!]

“And so, on CM IX we officially move on! With CW’s 10th Anniversary show and its last Mayhem on Network54… we can finally and proudly say that Network54 is retired!! The next decade is to be unbelievable…. and just like always, CW not only invented this sport- but we will continue to lead it into the NEW generations to come!!! Thank you!!!!” – Said Chane McMahon

Chane McMahon bows and grins as he throws the mic towards the camera…..

The NSA Era had begun.

Exclusive Interview with Richard Arcane

The exclusive interview comes live to you on NSA network…. Amile Bubilefark is standing by in Richard’s office…. looking at him with concerned eyes….

“Richard. (holds his hand) I know it is hard for you honey but you can pull through it….” – said Mrs. Amile Bubilefark

The President of the best damn federation on the face of this planet sighs and lowers his head… you couldn’t tell if he was crying for he had dark shades on….

“I know… I know…. it is just, my brother…” – said Richard Arcane:

Amile tried to smile but her flakes of dried makeup fall down to the floor in a treasure trove!!

“I won’t burden you with silly questions, hon, but I will ask you one thing….. Richard, how does it feel to be framed by your own wrestlers? Not to name any names, but wrestlers like Moebius, Charon of Death… That’s spelled D…as in dong… E…. as in Erectile disfunction….. and the rest is unimportant because they all suck anyway… well Richard, how does it feel???” – said Mrs. Amile Bubilefark

“It feels…. horrible. I know that something is bound to happen because Moebius is out to control Creature Wrestling and take it out of the Arcane family’s hands!!! He’s a money freak and his crackpot team of lawyers were hired to RUIN THIS BUSINESS!!! I can’t believe that they would care so much about control over this company [sniff and wipes his eyes underneath his shades] when… WHEN MY BROTHER…. ALEXANDER ARCANE WAS SHOT AND KILLED BY A GODDAMN NAILGUN!!! I don’t even have a permit to use a sidearm… Charon and them planted that on me… they had 1 goal BREAKING INTO a private building…… and that was TO FRAME ME!!! TO TAKE CONTROL OVER CREATURE WRESTLING!!!” – said Richard Arcane

Amile had to get up and hug an emotional Richard Arcane…. the scene fades to black as Richard is balling out crying…… and smoking a cigarette

Changes Affects Everybody


Week after the CreatureMania IX PPV.
Since the night of the PPV, Angel had barely seen her mother, she noted that Charon had barely slept, instead she had taken Harkin and placed him somewhere she knew he’d be safe. Angel knew better than to ask. Darkspade had stayed with them for a couple of days mostly, Angel suspected, as protection for her while Charon was settling Harkin into his new place of safety. Brandon had stayed overnight and had already left by the time she’d got up the next day and Moebius was still in the hospital after his run in with Kizmat.

Angel noted that Charon had completely withdrawn from everything and everyone around her, and Angel spent more time with Darkspade training with him than anyone else. Charon was beyond angry at Kizmat for betraying her. Eventually, Charon decided to find a bank to remove Kizmat’s name off of all of the family accounts when a basic cybernetic upgrade came into the building in rob it- but Charon’s nanobots suddenly activated, the first in a very long time and she destroys the cyborg.

Charon’s dormant nanobots… the same ones that were transferred into her body by the original Evangelion, Markus, had awaken. What could this all mean?? Clearly there was an evil force behind this but it makes no sense why the Scientists have turned into bank robbers.

Darkspade appears on scene and believes that there must be a base of operations for EVA_CORP on Earth. Realizing what her dad is suggesting, Charon passed him and entered her jet black Aston Martin DBR9…… Darkspade leaned on the vehicle and then looked into her eyes to see if she was all “there.”

Darkspade had no idea where they were going until they appeared in the middle of a business park full of units. Charon took out a set of keys and opened a door on one of the nondescript buildings. There were tons of newspaper clippings and photographs on the walls… Darkspade found himself looking at every piece of information about Neo-Earth, Lilith and the Limelight that Charon could find. This included her own observations, drawings and conclusions. Charon explains that she has been researching EVA_CORP for over 10 years… but the most puzzling question was how to get into Neo-Earth?

“The scientists have a base close by. I know this because they’ve been doing basic upgrades and sending them here to rob banks. One side effect I don’t fully understand is that my own cybernetics and nanobots have been re-booted, it happened as soon as the other cyborg was within arms length. why rob banks though? Are they working alone or are they still in Liliths employ? If, as you suggest, they are playing me, how did they know I was going to that particular branch of that particular bank? I don’t get it?” – said Charon

Suddenly Brandon bursts through a door screaming “Mullet.” Brandon pulled Charon & Darkspade over to a monitor where he’d obviously been working for some time. Brandon re-wound the video footage he’d been going through. Spade noticed there was an official CW logo spinning in one corner– then the video showed how Gunther’s mullet was able to cut through the barrier into the ruins of the Death Temple and interfere with the vortexes.

Lord Mortismere’s Reign & Current Happenings in CW


Mortismere, along with his younger brother Kizmat, announce their union and their intent on dominating CreatureWrestling!

Likewise, a few new comers are signed into CreatureWrestling… such as Drkside and Stewie Xtreme but the most impressive of the newcomers was Dylan ‘THE VILLAIN’ George, an over-confident 6’4′ muscled male that claimed to be the best but then Darkspade and Charon appeared to set him straight. Eventually Darkspade challenges Dylan to ‘prove’ himself on CW is MAD.

Looking for Answers


After everything that had happened, Charon had come to a startling conclusion, she needed to speak to F’ein Dacor and speak to him she would whether he wanted to or not. She spent days tracking down establishments and found a bar which was frequently used by Creatures called CreatureHaven…. F’ein showed up and Charon asked if she could volunteer herself as the next Evangelion but F’ein declined the offer because she was deemed too unstable.

Moebius walked down the corridor followed by Brandon, as he reached the basement and opened the door, Darkspade appeared. The three of them entered the basement room and Moebius locked the door so they wouldn’t be disturbed. Moebius had Gunther’s mullet and flung the greasy looking mullet onto the table in the centre of the room and stared at the other two. Brandon seemed almost mesmerized by the hairpiece, he kept his distance from it as Darkspade flicked at it almost as though he were checking to see if it were dead or not and Moebius pulled a folder from the briefcase he’d been carrying.

“We need access to Neo-Earth and Gunther’s mullet is our only possible access to it. I also have information that Charon has already found a way there.” – said Moebius

Then suddenly, a monitor illuminated with Chane’s imagery on screen standing at the doorsteps of the Death Family estate…
“Wha? what the hell is he bloody doing here, avon calling?” – said Brandon

Chane was let into the estate and delivered a manila envelope to Charon…. and to also have Moebius appear at CWHQ
“Trust me Spade, I don’t want to be near you either nor waste my precious time. But certain parties who happen to be my employer has issued me with a task and that is to deliver this document personally to Charon…. [Spade was about to mutter “well she isn’t here so gtfo”… but Chane interrupts] OR to any surviving Death Family member… and since you are here… and technically a Death Family member…. you get to deliver this to her.”

Spade was done playing games! he swipes the manila envelope from Moebius and tears open the seal…. Everyone stand watching backed off as though a bomb was about to explode but instead, Spade poured out a piece of paper onto a glass table. A camera angle shifts to the perspective of underneath the glass table and we now see all three of the men looking at the paper.

Moebius frowned at the note, on one hand it appeared to be offering help, yet on the other it appeared to be threatening. He tapped the letter absentmindedly in the palm of his hand and without really addressing either Brandon or Darkspade he spoke in the manner of one speaking his thoughts aloud to try and get things straight in his head.

“Now why would they approach Charon? Why not approach me directly? Why not Darkspade? We both have sufficient funds to buy out the shares they require…..” – said Moebius

**Spade Continued despite the fact that Moebius and Brandon tilted their heads at the pink flowers….**
“if it wasn’t for Charon and her amazing ability to look evil straight in the eye and tell them to bugger off (along with a volley of nailguns sent straight to their crotches) then we wouldn’t be standing right here!!” – said Darkspade

Brandon interrupts
“I am not denying at all that Charon has been instrumental in the fight against evil, but keep this in mind that a lot of unanswered questions arise even after the fall of Dark Sincentius… we may be experiencing a conglomerate of evil entities or just plainly a broadcasting company that wants a piece of the pie (Spade coughs outloud, “or the whole bakery”). We know that Sincentius had his own set of dark Wraiths remember? And we also know that something unusual has happened with EVA Corp here on Earth. It could be one, all of them… or none of them for that matter.”

Spade rubbed his forehead
“Well we can not just stand here speculating.. it still does not achieve our goals. The question we have to ask ourselves is this… do we play a long? We need to activate Gunther’s mullet somehow as well…. if we can lure this Reverend Jones out in the open then he may cough up some of the answers we are looking for. So what do you think we should do? They specifically want Charon…. but she isn’t here.”

Brandon bounded back down the steps to the basement, Darkspade had to admit he hadn’t even noticed him go in the first place but nonetheless he was back, hair and all. Brandon and Spade ponder on the motives for why the NSA contacted them and wanted Charon….

Then Brandon says:

“I am not denying at all that Charon has been instrumental in the fight against evil, but keep this in mind that a lot of unanswered questions arise even after the fall of Dark Sincentius… we may be experiencing a conglomerate of evil entities or just plainly a broadcasting company that wants a piece of the pie (Spade coughs outloud, “or the whole bakery”). We know that Sincentius had his own set of dark Wraiths remember? And we also know that something unusual has happened with EVA Corp here on Earth. It could be one, all of them… or none of them for that matter.”

Darkspade then brings up the idea of activating Gunther’s mullet- and by that act would bring out Reverend Jones. After some time, the Technocracy monitored the communication between NSA and this Jones and found that there were coded messages sent and retrieved from Jones’ office.

Everyone heads to the basement to speak further on the matter… then Darkspade brings up a question:
“All these people who follow ‘God’ are nutcases, it stands to reason if your religious, you’re a nutcase. Everyone knows there is no God, if there was then I wouldn’t be like I am and Charon wouldn’t be crackers, Angel wouldn’t be being tortured by Drkside and Crimson wouldn’t be lost somewhere. Not only that, your hair would look normal and there wouldn’t be weirdo’s like Jones strutting around pontificating about good and evil. Look around you, no one is ever truly good or truly evil….its all shades of grey my friend. It has been since the beginning of time. God is for humans who need to make sense of their surroundings and so they can take less responsibility for their decisions. If they make the wrong decision they can blame it on God and some higher purpose rather than accept that sometimes bad shit happens to good people and good shit happens to bad people. See now if Charon saw bad shit happen to someone good she’d drive up and fire a nail in the bad persons ass, thats how she works. Its simple and straight forward, it has nothing to do with good and evil. If that were the case what would that make Charon exactly? She can’t be evil because she just injured a bad person but she can’t be good because she just injured the bad person, the logic doesn’t work does it? You really can’t see why religious people are nutters now?!”

Brandon raised both eyebrows, he’d never heard so much come out of Spades mouth in one go but something had irked him about the religious side of things.

The three now enter the upstairs library… it had been some time since they ventured here- perhaps some answers could rise from some research… but as Moebius and Brandon were shuffling through historic records… Spade couldn’t help himself and searched for a jar of jelly beans again. Then after awhile of wasting time, Brandon looked around for Spade and noticed he wasn’t doing anything but nosing around for those jelly beans! Brandon protested, “Ow what the bloody hell is wrung with you Spadeyboy STOP MESSIN AROUND AND READ!”

Moebius came down from the ladder and placed the book he was observing off to the side and looked down at the board that came loose before Spade’s feet….
“Hmmm what do we have here.” Moebius reached down and removed the loose board, he then reached his hand in the small cavity and felt around…. a few moments later he felt something and surfaced a wade of burlap concealing a small microchip that had to been placed there by Charon.

Tide of Change

NSA held it’s first dual TV show showcasing CW is MAD and CW Primed on its network. Highlights included Drkside and Dylan becoming Dual Core Champions; and a brutal match against Darkspade and the newcomer: Dylan.

But what of Charon’s fate? what of the fate of Crimson, Angel and Harkin?? Ever since Crimson was abducted by a legion of pre-EVA war machines commanded by Drkside and F’ein Dacor– Charon has been in an unstable state of mind.

Ever since Richard’s iron fist control over the Board of Directors…. he has turned the federation inside and out but the peculiar connections that Chane with the NSA has made the billion dollar prince quite possibly even stronger than Richard and Seer combined… The next scene cross-fades into a dark office with two figures sitting on sofas- adjacent to each other. At first, it is too dark to see who they were but as a lamp switched on and we engage in a over the shoulder shot of one of the figures- Chane is clearly present as one of the figures in the picture.

“It has worked! NSA network has dominated not only cable, satellite but it has racked in the largest amount of ratings even more than when the CWE won the Interfed Tournament!” – said Chane.

Then a mysterious figure says:
“Good. Very good Chane you done very well up to this point but now it is time for the NSA to shake things up a bit more…. don’t you think?…. The next phase is to acquire the seat of Chair in the Board of Directors. I believe you have my package? Correct?”

((Chane picks up a manila envelope from the coffee table in-front of him))

“Great!! The contents what is inside will force Seer to resign. Then, I want for you to deliver this envelope to Moebius.”

The figure gets up but had to use a cane, Chane carefully places the manila and white envelops in his black leather back before rising and exiting out of the office…

Meanwhile… A Glitch in the Matrix?

It had been some time since Charon came into the presence of F’ein Dacor and offered herself to be the next Evangelion… Fein stormed into the laboratory, he stopped the nearest scientist by slamming the joyeuse across the mans chest… something odd happened in the translation process. The scientist says to F’ein Dacor:

“Ah yes. The glitch appears to be a random firing of residual memories within the Evangelions organic brain. We did advise you to wipe it before the project was started but you vetoed that particular advice sir.”

Fein stared over to the corner of the laboratory where they had Charon immersed in some sort of thick, gelatinous gel and attached to all sorts of wires and tubes. As he watched though he noticed the twitching in her fingers.

All the scientists in the lab turned to look now and they began to gather around the tank, others began running programs on their computer consoles. The panic really began when Charon began to have some sort of seizure albeit slightly slowed by the thick liquid. Her eyes never opened but it was like her whole body had been electrocuted. F’ein frowned, he watched as the seizure stopped as quickly as it had started. He rounded on the nearest scientist.

“Since the projects beginning but the seizures had completely stopped until recently. The problem is caused by some sort of glitch within some of the nanobots, we think its the program itself causing a freeze or seizure.” – said the Scientist

F’ein orders the Scientists to flood Limelight onto Charon’s organic body as the solution to destroying her residue memories.

F’ein stayed while the Scientists did his bidding, he smiled as his new Evangelion emerged from the limelight impregnated gel. Charon’s skin was now slightly shiny and metallic looking, her eyes had now taken on a permanent limelight colour and best of all there seemed to be no side effects from the prolonged exposure. Then again he was in possession of some facts that the scientists were unaware of, Charon’s rapid recovery rate, along with her ability to absorb extreme amounts of punishment all played a key role and he was now at the forefront of this new wave of experimentation.

Unknown to Fein, Charon was running several strings of binary code all at once, her whole mind was opened up and she conversed silently with the nanobots, the wireless system in the laboratory, then found an outside line….

Moebius shot a glance at the phone in the office as it rang insistently, it was Brandon who realized the significance and dived over the table to answer it. He said nothing but appeared to be concentrating hard, he swung round and tapped a couple of keys on the keyboard. The algorithm scrolling up the screen changed slightly. It cleared and another video began to play, except…. Spades face dropped as he realized that they were watching a live feed, in fact the figure they could see standing silently and deathly still in the centre of a laboratory was, in fact, Charon. Spade moved closer to the screen without even realizing he had done so. Darkspade was beside himself… and then Brandon explains, “This is our way into Neo-Earth mate along with the algoritham that is. Oh and Gunthers mullet….”

In the laboratory Fein was still admiring what he considered to be his handiwork. The new Evangelion was obedient, disciplined and now she was impressive looking. He knew his Queen would be pleased.

The Coming Revelations

(See: ).

My soul yearns for you in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for you.
When your judgments come upon the earth,
the people of the world learn righteousness.
~Isaiah 26:9

At CW Headquarters, Chane arrives along with the mysterious Reverend Jones to meet up with Richard Arcane to go over matters of security in the Board of Director’s conference room concerning the kidnapping of Crimson at CreatureMania IX… Chane informs Richard that the NSA Network is temporarily suspending broadcasts until a formal investigation is conducted about the kidnapped girl. Richard protests and states that he is uncomfortable with the NSA involvement. Suddenly, Reverend Jones says to Richard:

“I have established a covenant with you. An unbreakable bond of trust and respect. I look upon you Richard with sadden eyes- that you should place material concerns in-front of lives. We must avoid tragedy of Biblical proportions- the only way is to repent our sins so that one day we may go with God to the realm of the Almighty. This suspension Richard- is the only way to show the world that you are one with God and that lost child- O’ God I pray that she is among the living, is CW’s primary responsibility.”

“I just got one thing to say to you, what planet are you from?! IF CW IS SUSPENDED HOW IS MY BUSINESS GOING TO MAKE MONEY AND SURVIVE!!!” – screamed Richard

Reverend Jones clenches his skull cane and Chane removes a black check from his inside jacket.

“A small sum of 3 billion dollars and a compromise for your B4Pro division should suffice until the investigation is concluded son. Do not worry about such things, Richard, the Lord works in mysterious ways.”

Moebius instructed Darkspade and Brandon to work together to try and get Gunthers mullet to work; but in the meantime, Moebius enters through the doors of the CW Headquarters and pushed the button for the executive suites, the receptionist took little notice of him as he stepped in and watched the doors close.

When Moebius showed up in the BOD Conference room- Richard stood up to object but Jones was already standing and beckoned for Moebius to come in. Jones extended his hand to Moebius, Moebius accepted and the two shook. Jones had a smile a mile wide pasted on his face.

Moebius came to represent Charon and the conversation centered around Crimson’s kidnapping. All the while, Richard was protesting about Moebius even being here and showed no interest in Charon at all.

“Charon is just a cheap tramp who has kids floating about all over the place, its no surprise a couple of them got lost along the way and…and she tried to KILL me!!” – said Richard

Moebius rolled his eyes, Jones slammed his cane down on the table and made everyone else jump, it also made Richard shut up. There was an eerie quietness in the way Jones now spoke that contained a malevolence and potential violence. Arcane was now listening very intently.

“The way I see it Mr Arcane, Charon Death saved your worthless life, I have no idea why she did it but she did. You’re lucky she only shot you in the leg, personally, right now, I would be quite happy to have her shoot you in the head….” – said Moebius

The sentence trailed off as Jones noted a slight change in air pressure, Moebius had stiffened as well. Jones noted that Moebius seemed very in tune with his environment, as he himself was, he looked straight at the door as it opened. Moebius turned in his seat at almost exactly the same moment and the word surprised probably didn’t quite cover the range of feelings that washed over him at that point…. then, Reverend Jones says, “Welcome Evangelion. Please feel free to take a seat.”… and at that moment the new Evangelion came into the room!

“What the HELL is going on here!” cried a frantic Richard Arcane!

Jones even surprised Chane who was even left out of this plan. As the being called Evangelion walked silently into the room- Moebius turned around in unprecedented shock! Charon was actually here in this room but she had been transformed. Charon’s appearance was even more striking than what he saw on the live feed… but to Jones, it was as if this was an everyday average operation. Richard demanded an explaination and Reverend Jones shockingly gave one:

“Richard, as of right now NSA owns 51% of the CW company thanks in large part to Evangelion, formerly known as Charon Death, and Moebius. With the new acquisition comes new management prospects that I believe aligns to your vision… as well.. as the NSA. As it was written, ‘Enemies will submit & All of Earth WILL worship..’ Psalm 66: 3-4.”

Richard stands up quickly in protest and even pressed a small button underneath the table with promptly sent 5 security guards charging up the steps but they were unable to open the locked door. The Reverend just stares at Richard with glossy eyes…

Sharply snaps back at Richard
“SIT!” – said Reverend Jones

Moebius approaches Charon, The Evangelion, and wonders why she came:
“I have become the product of years of experimentation with creatures powers by EVAcorp. Its all very well telling people about the experimentation, they can go home and think about it, then they will forget about it and try to reason that maybe its not as bad as people say it is. The thing is that we maybe creatures of the night but many of us still think just like the humans we descended from. I felt that perhaps a more up close and personal demonstration might be more….memorable.” – said Evangelion

Soon afterward, The Evangelion demonstrates her new powers to Richard and grabs him at the end… Charon asks why didn’t tell the truth about who killed Alexander- then Reverend Jones interferes and tells her to release Richard so that the meeting can continue.

Jones watched with interest as Evangelion carefully made her way back into her seat.

“The NSA is the savior the Creatures of the Night have been yearning for… have been praying for. And it is I who so should deliver triumphantly upon this world.” – said Reverend Jones

Moebius boldly speaks
“So who are you really?”

Jones lifted a sliver of his right lip in a half-smile…
“Your guardian and the CW is the protectorate. Rejoice because this is a new era where all Creatures may live in harmony with mankind. [looks at Evangelion] Do you see what is possible? She has become what so many of ‘us’ have struggled to achieve.” – said Reverend Jones

“Omg… I sense it now, vague, but you are a Creature!” – said Moebius

“True, once. But no longer for I have repent! to the Lord, and asked for him to deliver my message to the mighty… that I shall bring harmony to my brethren. Evangelion is the the keystone… to the bridge as you will.” – said Reverend Jones

Finally Richard brings himself to composure
“ the NSA. It was all an elaborate plan to take over Creature Wrestling. Dam you to HELL!!!” – said Richard

“NO! dam YOU to hell Richard! As Alexander was damned to inferno misery. But you must understand Richard that as you shall be removed from your position there is a new vision and this new vision requires gladiators who are worthy to spread the word of God. The first advocate, is the newly reinstated Chairman, Moebius. [Moebius’ eyes perk up] And the new CW President…..” – said Reverend Jones

THEN… suddenly, Richard shoots from off of his chair and runs down the table with a pistol drawn from his jacket aimed at Jones!!!

The calculations were minuscule and the speed at which she moved was mind blowing. It was simply a case of one second Richard had a gun in his hand the next it was completely dismantled into its many components on the table in front of him the next. He stared at his hand then at the dismantled gun on the table then at Evangelion who was stood to his left side observing his reactions.

She then looked toward Jones, there appeared to be an imperceptible nod. Evangelion picked Richard up by the scruff of his neck and deposited him in the chair which Jones had assigned to him.

Reverend Jones then fires Richard as President and re-instates Moebius as the CW President! Richard respnnds that he will seek legal consultation and abruptly leaves the building. Strangely given the circumstances- the NSA involvement showed positive outcomes… but no one knew for sure who Reverend Jones really was and his true agenda.

After the meeting with Jones

Moebius sat back in his office chair and turned the flash drive over in his hand several times. He’d asked Brandon to come over and look at it, he heard the outer door of his office swish open, a couple of seconds later Brandon was standing opposite him. He handed the flash drive to him.

Moebius explains to Brandon that Charon handed this to him; and he noticed that Charon was fighting for control from the Evangelion program. Once Brandon accessed the flash drive- it contained the entire Evangelion project… and most noticeably the procedure to reverse Evangelion back into Charon.

Odd Behaviors…


At Castle Mortis (now acquired by Kizmat) Kizmat stood staring at Charon’s empty seat. Then the old and senile Seer walks in from Kizmat’s left….

Thiiis is NOT what we planned for M’lord! – said Seer

Kizmat whips his head around and stares devilishly at Seer…
“I have only you to blame for this!!” – said Kizmat

“!! Look. hurr hurr I did as you commanded of me M’lord from the veryyyy beginning. I provoked Darkspade and showed him Charon’s locket ANDD yes it sure was me WHO twisted the truth so that the Spaded one would FALL to us… I even played the role you commanded me to play years ago!!” – snarled Seer

Kizmat grabs the back of Seer’s head and comforts him as though he was a child under his arms
“Awhh poor Seer. Poor Seer you have been so kind to me all of these years. I forgive you for your screw ups….. you did afterall sacrifice yourself for me on more than one occasion. Now… enough of that… they found out about harnessing the energy source to create the limelight in this world. Charon is a byproduct of my own research and I will be damned if I am cut out of the profits!!”

Seer looks up like a baby to Kizmat
“Daddeh nom noms?”

“Ssshhhh… not now my sweet heart. It is time for bed.” – lovingly said by Kizmat

Kizmat and Seer leave the throne room and both were headed up the stairs when ol behold a half-naked woman sleazes out from behind a gargoyle statue!!! She eyeballed Kizmat furiously…

“Kali…. my dear it is not what you think!!” – surprisingly said by Kizmat

As the view slowly pans up Kali-Death you can see that she has been quite entertained in the castle all of this time… her body was covered in red plump hickeys and a portion of her luscious warm nipple can be seen underneath her thin laced bra…. Kali walked slowly down the steps and met up with Kizmat halfway…

“Oh really? Its one thing we have been fooling around behind my sisters back all of these years and now I find out your a qu…” – said Kali

Seer and Kizmat’s eyeballs nearly pop out from their eyesockets

“You don’t understand a thing woman!!! Your misinterpreting everything the wrong way dammit!! I am the vampire Lord and I have needs!!!” – said by Kizmat

The Next Day….

Spade cussed as the doorbell rang incessantly, he’d hoped if he ignored it long enough that whoever it was would go the hell away but unfortunately they weren’t getting the message. He put his jar of jellybeans down reluctantly and stalked angrily to the front door, he’d like nothing better to slam it open and squish the person standing behind it. It was a shame the door opened inwards, he must rectify that at some point in the future.

He cracked the door open keeping one foot wedged behind it to stop anyone forcing entry, his eyes widened when he saw who his visitor was. He opened the door fully now…. it was Dark-Kali!!! Spade eventually lets her in and she explains:

“I discovered something rather disturbing earlier this evening, something I thought you may want to know, something which may benefit you in the long run….. “I…er…how can I put this? Kizmat and I have shared a bed numerous times behind your darling Charon’s back. I personally always found him slightly lacking…if you understand my meaning?… [Spade gets frustrated as she goes on about just finishing up having sex with a Druid…] Well, lets just say that Kizmat was getting his own jollies but not with the female of the species if you see what I mean… He was cradling Seer like a child and was about to breast feed him when I walked in on them…. [Spade is sickened] I got the feeling that their relationship has been ongoing for quite some time. I’m not sure that even Lord Mortismere knows about it.”

“Maybe Kizmat was helping him up the stairs and needed breast milk!!! [Kali pouts and stomps her feet] DAM I am TRYING HERE!! give me a break this isn’t fun for me either!… Do you think Kizmat could be blackmailed with this information?” – Said Spade

“Put your personal feelings to one side, you have to remember in this scenario we are actually the normal ones, strange I know. Who do you think has the power in their relationship exactly?… [Spade says: “Kizmat….”] No. Seer does, think about it. Do you think Kizmat simply picked Seer up one day and told him to suck his nipple? I don’t see that some how. One thing Charon mentioned was that Seer always seemed to be involved in everything that ever happened to her but never seemed to be absolutely linked to it directly. He’s the director is exactly how Charon put it.” – said Kali-Death

From the view of a flickering black candle seated on top of a jewlery box… the scene now cross fades into Kizmat’s bedroom where Kizmat and Seer were dancing erotically to the soft requiem of lust.

At each passing moment- as Kizmat whips Seer around his silky and firm body- their lips nearly touching- the overwhelming urge to taste each others body fluids made both of their blood boil. Then, before the embrace- Kizmat raised a finger between their lips and blowed softly into Seer’s ear.

Its just a tease- Kizmat brings Seer over to his oval bed which was covered with red roses and perfume. As Seer stood watching- Kizmat dropped down slowly while locking his gaze into Seer’s mesmerized eyes… the view now shifts to a view from Seer’s perspective watching Kizmat slowly lower his head near his crotch but before things can get a wee bit naughty- Kizmat smoothly places his rock hard body on the bed and scoots to the headrest where he takes his left arm and places it behind his head while with his right hand he pats the top of the bed spread…. Seer’s gray whiskers stood on ends while at the same time he could not escape the overwhelming erotic sensation to join the Lord of Blood in a night of intimacy and fantasy.

“Oh my! My Lord!” – said Seer

“Take my hand…..”, openly and willingly to accept him. “Take it… I won’t bite… too hard.”

After a tight shot of Kizmat’s red lips- the view slowly revolves around the bed until it comes around to the other end- Seer then strips his tunic exposing his wrinkly and sagging old man breasts – covered with gray hairs, which haven’t seen the light of day in his 800 years of life!

It was all good in play- Kizmat smiles warmly as Seer indeed took a hold of his Lord’s hand and they scooted back on the bed where the scene fades to black…..

Back with Kali and Spade….

“Dad, don’t you think it is a bit strange that Charon knew there was something off when Alexander was killed? and why Seer was nowhere else to be found… and NSA’s careful planning…” – said Kali

The two deduced that Seer must be the best person to blackmail as he has the most information on Charon and possibly information on NSA.

“Do you know why you and Charon were split up at birth?… Well, its always bothered me. You’re twins. Physically, the two of you share the exact same gifts and abilities. Why would Seer and Mortismere only take one child when they could have controlled both?… I’m beginning to think that was just a cover, there is something distinctly different between the two of you even though you’re twins. Its not something we can see. Why didn’t the Evangelion program work on you?” – said Spade

“I don’t know exactly something to do with the limelight and my blood not mixing well” – said Kali

“What if the two of you have different blood types? Can that happen in twins even though you share 98% of the same DNA?” – said Spade

Darkspade calls up Moebius to ask him if it were possible that twins could not have the same bloodtype- Moebius explains that there are two types: identical and fraternal but in both cases they should have the same blood type. Then Darkspade says “Did you know that Kizmat and Seer are playing kissy kissy with one another?”

Moebius was completely wrong footed now….
“Spade, honestly, something weird is going on. I think all of its connected somehow but I can’t figure out what connects all of this crap together. Jones has taken Charon’s blood before, he’s absolutely fascinated by her.”

An audio file that Kali had also was played of Jones talking to Evangelion and acquring her blood. Moebius ponders the time when the Dark-Kali incident happened in understanding the differences between Kali and Charon’s blood… “..there was nothing unusual other than you all contain different strand of DNA from different bloodlines.” – said Moebius

It dawned on everyone that no one ever compared Kali and Charon’s DNA…
“It’s possible Charon’s blood contains something that Kali’s does not but for the life of me I can’t figure out what.” – said Moebius

Spade and Kali made some jokes on the other end of the intercom– until Moebius continued…

“Well yeah. Let’s recap a little. The prophecy said two twins born at the exact last stroke of midnight shall set balance into our world. We found out through the whole Sincentius bit that prophecy meant Darkspade and Charon -BUT- Spade, you manipulated Julie’s DNA in anger when Damien rapped her. But it wasn’t Damien who rapped her, it was Mortismere. That event awoke Dark Sincentius inside of Spade, and it was Mortismere who convinced Spade to manipulate Julie’s DNA… that reason was only partially answered later. Charon and Kali were engineered to be another set of twins… and it was no coincidence that Julie gave birth at the last stroke of midnight. There was more which is what ultimately sealed Sincentius for good. The DNA strands come from the most ancient of Creature Tribes… the first Creatures. The Death Family was one of them and the other…”

Spade looks up
“The Vaolrixous… yes I remember.”

Concludes Page 1…

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