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The NSA Era, Page 7

At Kreature of the Ring 2011, the Absolute title was relinquished by Richard Arcane based on a match rule… days later and elsewhere, Charon searches for Darkspade’s soul at a warehouse in order to piece him together. The spirit shows up and Charon experiences multiple versions of her father in time. The key part of the conversation that Charon had with the spirit revealed that The Unholy Knight is merely a reflection… and that the armor acts like a mirror. Destroy the mirror and then you can free Darkspade’s spirit.

The main event for the night was to be Absolute Undisputed Championship: Charon(c) VS The Dark Dylious in a cage match… but Unholy Knight of Darkness interfered and at the end, Lord Mortismere appeared. Mortis felt dishonored by Dark Dylious’ lost and plus Mortis was planning on betraying Dylious from the beginning to gain control over the Holy Darkness. And so, Mortis takes possession of Dylious’ body- transforming into Lord Mortious!

Then the Unholy Knight shows up at a Monday MAD event where Reverend Jones is reluctant to hand over the Absolute title belt to Alexander- but a battle royale match is ordered. The match grows out of control very quickly- and then Charon confronts the Reverend when he would not award her the belt. Charon explained to Alexander that the Reverend is not to be trusted and he was out to destroy CW and that they needed to work together in order stop the Reverend and the NSA. All the while there was a mysterious figure watching the match from the rapters. The entire CreatureWrestling Universe, (btw, WWE I invented that before you did *wink*), came to grips with what happened on MAD. Once again we were left with no one named as the Absolute Undisputed Champion and on top of that- Charon was away from the office for days. Eventually, Charon meets up with Alexander and Richard on neutral grounds at CWHQ… Richard explains that NSA was indeed a cover up by Reverend, a fact that Charon and others already knew, and that Chane was in on it. Reverend Jones is still a Creature of the Night still, but denies it. Alexander and Richard regretted working with NSA and they used CreatureMania X’s murders to frame Reverend Jones and pin all of the blame on him so that Reverend would be removed and CreatureWrestling would take over all broadcasting to increase revenue all around the world! Charon stressed that she is more interested in the Belt and Mortis’ staff. So Charon pitches that she will help Richard stop the NSA if she can get Mortis’ staff; but, deep down, she was already conspiring against Richard. Richard acted at first he had no idea where the Staff is at but then breaks down and believes that Brandon may have it.

Charon decides to visit Castle Mortis and confronts Lord Mortious head on- Mortis states that the staff was nothing but a worthless branch from the tree that protected The Dark Queen, Lilith; and that Charon will only be able to save her father if she gives into the Unholy Darkness willingly and re-marry Lord Mortious. Eventually Zedek shows up and attacks Mortious but Mortious wins the confrontation- but in the distraction, Charon discovers a hidden stairway to the cells that she and her father were once imprisoned there. Mortious, then the Unholy Knight and finally, Brandon all show up… Brandon uses the staff of Mortis on the Unholy Knight but nothing happens… then, Charon recalls Julie’s instructions and forgives the Knight. The act of forgiveness along with the staff of Mortis finally creates cracks into the Unholy Knight’s impenetrable armor!!

Page 6 ends with The spirit of Julie appearing and confronts the weakened Unholy Knight of Darkness!!

Julie’s Forgiveness and Spade Deathen Returns!

The apparition of Julie sent chills. Yet, her humble soft eyes calmed and humbled even the likes of Mortious. The Unholy Knight just stood there- like a brick wall- unmoving and unemotional. A smile came from Julie and as the scene then now shows a double shot of the two- Julie reached and touched the side of the Knight’s helmet…. then, she slowly lowered her right hand and placed it across the crack above where the Knight’s heart should be…. Mortious on the other hand growled at what was happening and attempted to intervene but a familiar arclight radiated from within the suit of armor and touched Charon and Julie!! The power was finally known to be that of…… Love. Mortious froze solid by the intense soothing light and was just a mere spectator from now on…..

“I too. Forgive you Spade. We can not exist anymore in this life together- but in another, we will be with each other for all of eternity… but now is not the time to die. Now you must shred the darkness and shine brightly as the man you were destined to become. My husband… the one I trust and love. With our love- you will conquer The Unholy Darkness!” – said Julie

“I love you Spade. I forgive you with all of my heart and I release you from your prison….” – said Julie

A multicolored light now emerged from every end of the armor and as the room vibrated- causing Brandon and Charon to even lose their footing! The armor continued to crack along with rays of arclight exploding from within……

A resonating power shuddered the Darkness and the armor BROKE A PART INTO PIECES- SCATTERED INTO THE AIR AS SHEDDING A SKIN!!! After the blinding light…. after the dust cleared. Mortious was the first to rise from the ground and he let off a horrendous taunt at Charon and Brandon…… Mortious dropped his jaw as he turned around and saw Brandon levitating in the air and dressed in an ancient ceremonial robe along with the Staff of Mortis touching the Spirit of Spade Deathen!!! The Darkspade emerged then from the ashes, along with the soul of Spade Deathen and the three walked into one!!!!

“Once was three, now become One. Once was Dark, now become Light. The Darkness has passed it’s final hour! Rise from the Darkness, Spade Deathen!” – said Brandon


Charon pulls out a modified nailgun and shoots Mortious in the stomach with it which caused a chain reaction of deteriorating effects!

“I’ve evened the playing field Morty. I can’t allow you and the Reverend to get your own way and I borrowed one of the crimson light guns to see how it worked and created my own little version and shortly your body will no longer exist. You will return to your original form.”

Mortious screeched in temper and frustration. She watched as the rotting corpse like body that had been Dylious exploded suddenly and she grinned as bits of flesh splattered everywhere. The heroes then leave to the outside and regroup… this was a HUGE blow to Mortismere and his Unholy Empire.

“I told you I had a plan XD now that Mortismere no longer yields the Holy Darkness and has lost his grip on both of our lives- it is just a matter of time before we destroy the Unholy Darkness for good.” – said Charon

[Nodding, Spade Deathen smiled and Brandon started up Spade’s red sportscar which was hidden behind a bundle of bushes…..]

“I’ll see you at Death’s Manor… And Charon. [Charon smiles] Thank you for forgiving me.” – said Spade Deathen

The Executive meeting.


The Board of Directors have a very special meeting. Attending were Chane McMahon, Mrs. Amile Bubilefark, Richard and Alexander. Surprisingly, Reverend Jones was there as well but has taken precedence at the main seat. Chane was the only one who greeted The Reverend.

“It is within the best interest of the NSA and this company that we open the doors to those without ‘creature’ powers….” – said Reverend

Richard and Alex lean back rubbing their chins…. “We have always provided a fair chance at attending our federation for normal wrestlers……” – quickly said in reply by Richard Arcane.

The Reverend looked over to Chane and then gazed back at the Arcanes. “Not at what we refer too as an equal battle field… I know I know we have “policies” about magic use in matches but it is rarely enforced. When was the last time someone like Charon who uses Nailguns and her cybernetics in matches was barred??? NEVER! [Alex was about to reply but the Reverend interrupts] Let me finish before you pollute what I am saying is the truth with idealistic nonsense…. Part of the deal with signing yourself with the NSA was…. [Mrs. Bubilefark softly interrupts with….]”…. “Hmph. More like souled out to the NSA” – charmingly said by Mrs. Bubilefark

Turns and looks at the prune before him…. “If you have something to add to this discussion on a civil level then I highly suggest, Bubilefark, you LEARN the facts before you go babbling on about subjects you yourself have no idea what you are speaking of. Don’t forsaken this organization any longer!! I will not set another match for the Absolute title unless we sign The Sage immediately and put on a track leading up to a #1 contendership spot!!!” – said by Reverend

“Hoooooooollllllddddddd on hooooolllllld on!! Look. [leans forward] Reverend. We appreciate your help. The NSA has boosted our ratings all across the board and your company has broadcasted the CW all across the world in many mediums…. but not only was stripping Charon of her title belt but also keeping the greatest belt on the face of this planet locked up…. JUST so you can award a mere mortal the title IS GOING TO FAR!!!” – said by Alexander

[Reverend pounds his fist on the table!] “Is it!!! REALLY!!! JUST look at the last few champions we’ve had…. Charon and Mortismere and of course…. Branden Harvey… WHO you released from the company!!! You sir [points at Alexander] are dragging this company back down into the gutter! CreatureWrestling is the origin of this sport and it’s leader…. yet your obsession with Creatures has watered down this sport into nothing but entertainment. We might as well revert back to Creature Wrestling Entertainment! THIS ISN’T ENTERTAINMENT… THIS IS A SPORT!” – said by Reverend

Then Chane injects by saying:
“Gentlemen. Let’s cool ourselves down shall we. What harm is it to sign a non-creature into Creature Wrestling? We allowed those GTWF folks into our prestigious organization and look at what we did for them! They were nobodies until we chiseled them into Legends…. I think that opening the doors to mortal wrestlers is a nice change of pace… to “shake things up a little.”

Alexander and Richard conversed together by whispering into each others ears- then they wanted to meet Sage personally. Sage enters the conference room and explains that he is there to help- after a heated exchange of words between Reverend and the Arcanes on the idea that Mortal wrestlers are as important as Creature wrestlers…. Richard then assigns a match between Sage and Kizmat for the vacant Absolute Undisputed Title on Inferno Crisis! Chane gets irritated and cries ‘unfair’ until Alex announces that prior to that match on a Friday night event: if Sage looses… he will lose his contendership AND contract to wrestler; but if Sage wins he is signed and gets a title shot. This was not the ‘fair’ treatment that Chane was looking for but the Reverend eventually concurs even when Kizmat appeared and complained as well.

The State of CreatureWrestling Address

CreatureWrestling then holds a press conference about the state of the Federation and the upcoming 12th Year Anniversary. It started strong as Alex and Richard seemed to back up the hype about Sage and give it a go with Reverend’s ‘visions’ but the conference turns into a circus as Charon and Kizmat arrive to give their insights but are clearly more interested in sex. Then Spade Deathen shows up and an argument sparks between Charon and himself.

Weeks after the CW Press Conference, Sage backed out of the organization and filed a criminal lawsuit to the company for placing him in a match with a demonic monster, Mortismere- whom nearly killed him in the match. That part of the match was not aired on national television.

The federal government froze all operations within CreatureWrestling pending a full investigation…. and as such, NSA began to run re-runs of CW shows and non-wrestling content. With CW Megastars placed on an indefinite leave of action… it has seemed that Sage was right. CW will never be the same again- but not in the way that many had thought…. could Sage have sabotaged CreatureWrestling from within?…. no body knew.

Now with the greatest federation placed on ice… the fate of Creature Wrestling is even more unknown more than ever.

Spade Deathen was furious when he heard the news that he was placed on a leave- never given the chance to compete for the greatest title on the planet… the CW Absolute Undisputed Championship, which… by now… was only held by 1 Creature Wrestler… Charon and longed for the olden days.

The Fate of CreatureWrestling in Balance

Months after the CW shutdown an event was pulled together without the consent of the NSA. Chane emerges at the 12th Year Anniversary event and demands to shut the whole thing down but then Charon shows up and demands for the show to continue… but before Chane could answer, a shocking appearance by Dalkiel prompt Reverend Jones to appear along with Alexander Arcane. Then, Lord Mortismere shows up which made the entire matter worse. Finally, a deal was made that would allow the NSA to air the event if the main event was: Charon and Dalkiel against Lord Mortismere, Reverend Jones and Chane McMahon in a CWF style hell in a cell!

Team Evil VS Team Good… who will win?

The match started intensely- especially with Lord Mortis and Lord Dalkiel!!! It was a fan-wish matchup. Then at one point, Markus shows up and interfers into the match and Lord Mortis acquires a crimsonlight gun for which he strikes Dalkiel in the chest with!!! As the light was killing Dalkiel- the power of balance from Spade Deathen stops the crimsonlight and saves Dalkiel… the third member of Team Good arrived…. Spade Deathen!

As the match continued, team evil got the upper hand until an old CWF wrestler named Raven appears and he smashes a steel chair across the Reverend’s back and Evenflow DDTs Markus into the ground.

Markus was out cold… Chane was also carried away by EMTs…. Only Mortis and The Reverend were left… but it was not over yet…. Outside of the ring- Charon and Mortis were exchanging blows until Charon misfires her nailgun the very moment Mortis spears her THROUGH THE STEEL BARRICADE!!! Blood spat forth from Charon’s mouth upon the impact… though Mortis had Charon down- he turns his attention towards the ring snarling and growling at Raven who by now had the Reverend by his knees and the Reverend’s throat in his hands!!!

“You. Tell us all who you REALLY ARE!” – cried Raven, to the Reverend

Lord Mortis, drewling with hatred… tears his own Underworld title belt from the time keeper’s arms and slithers undetected under the lower rope and into the ring. Raven, clenching the Reverend- did not notice Mortis looming behind him- READY TO DECAPITATE Raven’s head off…. but then, from seemingly out of nowhere… Spade Deathen SHOOTS FROM THE SIDE with a devastating GOTHICRUUUUUUUUUUUUUSHEEER!!! Mortis’ title flings into the air and lands several feet away in the ring!!! Raven turns to see Darkspade but then the Reverend seizes the opportunity and escapes Raven’s grasp – returning a spinning lariat in mid-air for good measure… at the same time, Mortis ignites an Unholy blast of energy in Spade’s eyes causing the Unholy One to slam his back up against Raven’s back once they collided!!!!

Micheal Cole: YES YES YES!!! Now this IS interesting!

Jim Ross: Will they fight together or against one another! Raven left the CWF to build CCW with money promised by Supersinc… since then, these two haven’t seen eye-to-eye. Spade is Raven’s uncle… can’t forget that!!

Micheal Cole: Humph! What an ungrateful nephew Raven was!

Jerry, “The King” Lawler: HA! Raven was a saint compared to his uncle!! AND Spade and Dalkiel wreaked havoc in the CWF!! We can’t ever forget that!

Jim Ross: Gentlemen! PLEASE! Blood is thicker than water- our futures are waving in the balance from the decisions of these two great athletes! I just hope they see that!

Spade and Raven knew they bumped into each other… it wasn’t easy holding back their differences… but the simple fact alone that this night was not about petty differences- but about unity and honor! This is what propelled them to do this!…..

It was out of this world! Spade and Raven sprung back into action as a unit!! Raven ducked as Spade launched off of Raven’s back- Spade wrapped his legs across Mortis’ neck and as Spade turns to send Mortis flying forward- Raven sprung from the ropes with A MID-AIR EVENFLOW DDT!!!!….. Never has the ring jolted before from such impact!!! The Reverend wasn’t going to play nice-guy anymore and with a red sparkle in his left eye he taps into his own Creature powers, which tells the truth about his “mortality,” and unloads a volley of electrical energy at Spade’s back!!! Raven scoops up Mortis’ title and IMPLANTS it into the side of Reverend’s head and Spade came charging with a

The Reverend rolled out of the ring and Spade and Raven once again regrouped by their backs… but this time, both men turned around to meet each other eye-to-eye!! Suddenly, Dalkiel enters the fray and attacks Raven. Dalkiel loomed over the Ravynos with intent— family wasn’t on the side of Raven this time around as a safe haven… but that didn’t matter- everyone WANTED to see these two bash each others heads in!!! Including the fighters!!!

But before Dalkiel could end his long time foe- suddenly from the side- Reverend Jones springs through the crowd of fans and implants a chair into the side of Dalkiel’s head… The fans were upset and booed the Reverend for interfering…. at that point in time, and as the camera zoomed in on both the faces of Reverend Jones and Raven in a double shot…– The Reverend smiled and lowered to meet with the Ravynos’ ear…. he whispered something into Raven’s ear.

What that was… whatever Jones revealed… immediately made Raven’s face turn white… and then an emotional side we haven’t seen from Raven in a long time then bubbled out to the surface!! AND RAVEN SNAPPED!! Grabbed the Reverend’s neck and then rose to his feet to meet eye to eye…. The camera man was close enough to hear something muttered from Reverend’s depleting voice….

“…Y… Y..O..U DO NOT H..HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.. I….AM THE PATRIARCH!” – said the Reverend

Reverend Jones just admitted that he was the long thought dead Death Family patriarch, the Archangel of Death!

Nearly an End


After the Activity in the Hell in a Cell… Darkspade, Mortis and Charon are the only ones left in the destroyed Hell in a Cell ring.

The maniacal tyrant Demon Lord rises from off of the canvas floor and wickedly eyeballs both Charon and Spade Deathen. It was clear- very clear that Mortis wasn’t going to allow for these two to gain the upper hand and win. Clenching his boney hands- Mortis sends forth an electrical energy pulse of Unpure Unholy energy– BUT SPADE LEAPS RIGHT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ATTACK- WHICH WAS MEANT FOR CHARON INSTEAD!! Spade is struck in the chest and drops to the mat, unconscious with smoke sizzling from his wound! Charon runs to her father and cradles him in her arms… Mortis lets off a horrendous, intent-fueled laughter at Charon….

WEAK! Mwwhhhaaa!!! Witness the POWER and WILL of the Unholy Darkness. [steps forward with purpose and stares at Charon] It is over my love. [picks up the Underworld Championship]. Your forces have failed– Raven has failed…. Spade has failed…. and even the Demon Prince himself has FAILED! CREATURES AND THIS WORLD HAS FAILED!!! FAILED FAILED FAAAAAILED!!

[Charon, while holding her father in her arms, looks up at Mortis with tears rolling down her cheek….]

“No. YOU are WEAK. YOU failed. Of all the conspiracies and ALL of the attacks on the Death Family- you STILL haven’t once made me willingly accept the Unholy Darkness and THAT will NEVER change. EVER! It frightens you doesn’t it? To know that your so-called awesome powers are nothing but a harmless candle light when compared to the powers of hope and love. [stands up] Now that we have reached this point, do you have anything to say before you’re DEAD!”

Amusing this was to Lord Mortis! Grinning ever so more intently at his soon-to-be prize… Mortis lifted the belt and was about to speak- but in a flash, a light coursed through the air and the belt DISINTEGRATED!!! Mortis’ flew back from the explosion and in a panic he turned around to see Dalkiel standing at the top of ramp-way… along with an apparition of the child Lilith!! Dalkiel smiled at Mortis knowing that his time was up and then takes the child Lilith back into the Dreamscape.

In a blinding flash- Mortis hurled himself at Charon but Charon manages to sidestep out of the way and snatch Mortis by his arm to only hurl himself down to the mat! Charon pulled out her dual nailguns and shot in session one-after-the other at Mortis…. the nail barely slowed the Demon Lord down.

Then a blast of Unholy Darkside energies jolted out from Mortis’ boney fingers and struck Charon dead into her chest which made her ricochet against the ropes and drop to one knee!!! Charon, holding her chest, gazed at her father on the canvas floor and then looked up at Mortis who was now looming over her with his slippery wet saliva dripped out from his crooked ratcheted mouth.

Charon’s head slowly lowered to her right and her eyebrows lifted upward and then she looked intently at her father and then envisioned all of her children, until, her oldest daughter Angel appeared. The true chosen one.

Finally, Spade Deathen manages to lift himself up from the canvas by using the lower ropes and while still holding on to his wounds like a patch- he is in horror to see Mortis hovering over Charon.

Mortis then pleads for his life!

Thinking deeply to herself- Charon opened her mouth which sent the camera zooming deeply in on her face in an extreme closeup. Then a quick flash to Spade’s face revealed his amazement and without thinking he sprung up to his feet and stared straight into Mortis’ eyes….

“NOT going to happen… today or any day!” – said Spade Deathen

Mortis growls at Spade for interrupting and chooses to send another volley of gigantic Unholy energies hurling towards his adversary… Spade dodged each of them while slowly and methodically moving forward until he stood side-by-side with Charon.

Spade and Charon closed their eyes and held their hands. The entire arena rumbled… the entire city shook!! the entire world quaked!!!

As the arclight encompassed the two both. Both father and daughter… Mortis was then absorbed into the light as well…..

“There is something I did want to say to you Mortis. We accept death so that there can be a rebirth.” – said both Spade and Charon


With the three now connected- the intense energy radiating from the three even melted the canvas and ring around them until they imploded!!

Just Like That. The NSA broadcast ended.

This concludes the NSA Era.

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