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The Virus Saga, Page 4

In the previous page of Chapter 7, Sincentius introduces himself to Doom and reveals to her that she is the Mother of his Sins in a match. Sincentius utterly destroys Doom but the main objective for the match was merely a setup to also draw out Charon. Charon arrives but was unable to save Doom from losing the match.

Later, the ghost of Julie appears before Charon and explains that Charon is not the only Creature of the Night with dual, chimera, DNA- that there are three Creatures who have this trait and referred to as the Trinity. Julie confirms that Charon absorbed one of her twins at childbirth as a result of Darkspade tampering with Charon’s DNA with Damien’s DNA- which made a lot of sense for many plot devices throughout the years- especially why Darkspade could not locate one of Mortis’ soul pieces inside of Charon’s body… the Soulisk Cane could not distinguish between the two DNA strands and figure out where it was hidden.

Kizmat visits Darkspade and begs Darkspade to reveal everything he knows about the Vaolrixous and the Death Family

Then at CW HQ, Richard Arcane reveals that he still had issues with Charon shooting him- even though it was Alexander Arcane who orchestrated the kidnapping and brainwashed Angel of Death to plant the bombs in CW HQ. Richard wants Charon to be admitted into a hospital to treat her “mental illness.” This shocked Moebius and even more so when Richard said that he acquired Charon’s blood without anyone’s consent! Charon then arrives unannounced and this set off Richard to have Charon taken into custody. Moebius is also taken into custody after he punches Richard in the jaw. Seer then arrives in a business suit and taunts Moebius and Charon as security officers take them away. Richard then fires Moebius as CW Chairman on the spot.

Afterward, Charon wakes up in a hospital and Sincentius is there demanding who is the third “element” with the chimera DNA strand! Charon was too drugged to say anything coherent but she realized then and there that Brandon would have to be the third element.

The Photograph

At the Technocracy…
Moebius strode up and down like a caged animal, they had been monitoring everything from media output to deaths in national and local hospitals that were currently un-explainable and so far there had been nothing. Moebius done nothing but read and stare at monitors since Brandon had dropped him off and had then promptly disappeared. Moebius had not seen him again.

The Technocrats were even monitoring input and output from Creature Wrestling itself, they had phone taps everywhere and bugs all over the place, they even had a tap into the security camera’s and they’d been monitoring them on Charon’s orders for at least six months that he could establish.

Moebius found a tattered black and white image of Julie and decided to take the photograph from its frame. He turned it over to see if there was anything written on the back and was confronted with a faded line drawing of a triangle with a dot at its centre. He now leaned back in the chair thinking about the trinity and that was when he noticed that the line drawing could now be seen through the image when the light was behind it. The dot centred right on Julies own heart and the corners of the triangle ended at certain people standing in the background of the photograph.

Moebius opened the scanner and put the photograph in it and scanned it at its highest resolution. A couple of minutes later he scanned the rear of the photograph. He overlaid the two images with the dot on Julies heart and he was surprised to find one corner of the triangle rested on Darkspade, one on Deaths Wind and the third on a person who he didn’t recognize at all. He took the photo out of the scanner and looked at it again. Julie had obviously been trying to say something but what the hell was it and where the hell did Brandon fit in?

Alexis and Jack at it Again.

Alexis and Jack Murphy enter Richard’s office and demand what was to become of their ‘services’… then Seer suddenly entered Richard’s office. Seer was elaborately dressed with a long trench coat and his beard was tied in the center with a gold chain.

The old man was deceptively cleaver with his words…
“Awh hum…. Reason why we invited you two buffoons here was to inform that your services to the CW Administration is no longer… needed! The federation had enough dolts on the board, so what gives you the feeling we will ever include anybody else? Besides, as of today, the Board of Directors is abolished. The federation is controlled by Richard and myself….Heh… Charon yes oh yes…. she’s in careful hands. We cannot let someone THAT dangerous eeeeeeveerrrrr freee to harm other wrestlers eeeveeerrrrr again! NO NO! Now, relinquish your security passes and get the HELL OUT OF THE BUILDING before the security takes you out by force!!!”

Suddenly, a dozen security officers entered the office and surrounded Alexis and Jack in order to confiscate their passes and turn them for questioning for conspiracy.

The Blackout….
Darkspade wakes up with his wrists shackled to a hospital bed with handcuffs and his creature powers were contained by some ominous force. This didn’t look good…. Darkspade vaguely remembers the conversation he had with Kizmat…. but soon after that, all was confusing and blank. It was as if, his memory of what happened was wiped clean but it is obvious that he was abducted and taken here.

A sound is heard and Spade laid back down and closed his eyes to make himself look like he hadn’t woken. A nurse came in with a tray full of needles and a new drip. She walks over to the heart monitor and observed Spade’s heart rate- then she eased her hand over the tray and prepared a syringe to be inserted into Spade’s arm for blood taking. Spade sits up which scared the hell out of the nurse and then immediately grabbed her by the arm!!! She was shaking in fear but couldn’t scream as Spade squeezed her arm so tight it felt life threatening….

“Where am I… and what the hell am I doing here?? What cat got your tongue!? Release me now or I’ll snap your arm off…..” – Said Spade

The woman nodded while still shaking in her boots… she pulled out keys and tried each of them till she finally got the right one… once Spade’s right wrist was free- he grabbed the keys and unlocked the other handcuffs.

Darkspade ties up the nurse, grabs a gown and then exited out of the room. Suddenly, he heard voices…. one voice sounded like Sincentius and the other…. Charons! Darkspade found a small window by a door and listened to the two talking.

Dark Sincentius stood hovering over Charon in an ominous way but Charon had no fear of him at all, she knew she ought to but something seemed to switch off and then suddenly she could see a second viewpoint, someone was outside the door listening and then she realized who it was.


Charon didn’t say anything to Sincentius but she did communicate to Darkspade telephatically on the outside… Charon taunts Sincentius with wisecrack remarks.

“Get out! Go! Find Brandon, they’re after him now! You must protect Doom, Doom is the key! Leave me, I can deal with this myself! GO! Get out!…” – Charon said to Spade’s mind.

Inhumane Torturing of Alexis and Jack


Alexis and Jack are taken by security guards down and into a private interrogation room. Jack was shackled to a chair and a police officer forcefully turned the chair to the specially shaded window- while inside the interrogation room, Alexis was also shakled to her chair by handcuffs but she didn’t know that the mirror behind her was the window that Jack was watching from. A set of Watcher Council Members dressed up as “Wraiths” entered from a door… which completely startled Alexis… there weren’t the Wraiths we came to depend on… these Wraiths were corrupted by Sincentius’ brainwashing and religious propaganda. Alexis was beside herself– she didn’t know what to think… Richard had gone mad! But it just became much worse… as Seer walked in and made himself comfortable in the chair opposite of her. Seer rested his hands on the table between them and grinned at her….

Whatttt.. do you know about Darkspade, Charon and DOOM? Hmm? You were after all once an official here… and EEEEECF District Promoter eh? Not talking huh? Well if your not going to talk then there are severallll ways we can TORTURE you… and maybe, just maybeee your tongue will loosen up? – Crackled Seet.

The LCD monitor is turned on to a hick channel located somewhere in Kentucky. Another guard reached behind Alexis’ head and forced her eyes to remain open to watch Diper perform at a hick wrestling convention:

“I am the BEST dammit!! and all of my haters hate me because I am a joke and a washed up hasbeen tee hee! Yanno I lost the respect of my fellow hicks backstage and nobody takes me serious anymore… but NO I am not taking this too serious!!! DAMMIT I WANT TO BE THE BEST *pounds her hooves into the decayed trailer park tarp..err canvas* **BURRP** YES… YES I AM THE BEST!!! and I am getting my ass Kicked daily but I like… oh wait! Damn what’s I suppose to do? I am suppose to be intimidating people that don’t care about me and not sucking… Oh yeah you may laugh at me and giggle backstage, but we have many hicks and drunkards that can rape their cousins! And go ahead fellers put my name on the bathroom walls…. I welcome the free publicity and jokes tee hee!”

– Farted Diper

Alexis was at the end of her seat SCREAMING!!! Even Seer couldn’t stand to watch the crap on the tv and asked the guards to turn it off….

“You’re horrible Seer!!! Fine, listen, I did hear Charon and Darkspade talking backstage a few days ago about a Trinity and finding out what a “dot” in the middle of an illustration meant… That’s ALL I know I swear it” – Cried Alexis

Seer rubbed his chin
“Hmmmm… a dot? A balance perhaps?? Guards bring in Jack….”

Doom’s Dark Secret

Back inside of the surgery room…
Dark Sincentius had enough of Charon’s insolence and jest! As she grinned and held her giggles at Sincentius, a group of Dark Wraiths followed by medical scientists, no doubt payed handsomely for their services, came through the glass rotation door. As Sincentius was growling- they were pressing buttons on a control panel… a large robotic instrument now came on above Charon’s head along with bright lights shinning down…. the instrument had a tip that extended out to reveal a long syringe with a tube that was attached to a large container… it was obvious what this is used for…

Dark Sin looked down upon Charon with a smile of his own…. “Before we end your pathetic life, I wish for you to know something which I’ve kept from you… I will not let you get to name the next Charon. See I realize that your arrogance is over the fact that you cannot die unless you choose it…. but, sweet, not if we change the game.” “Okay you just confirmed it, your a madman and a nimrod…” said Charon. Sincentius left off a growling laughter that made everybody in the room look up at him…

“Doom will be the next Charon by my decree. Taking your place as the ruler of death itself, but before we unmercifully kill her… she is the last ingredient in my master plan to wipe out all of the creatures AND human beings on the face of this planet!!!” Charon’s eyebrows lifted “Creatures AND Humans? UM… YOUR a human! so that means you will die too….” “Hmmmph… not exactly. Doom IS the weapon… a carrier since the virus is dormant in the Earth’s atmosphere until activated by the Alpha strand… her body will be able to bring destruction to all through her own energy! She was engineered by her parents to become the catalyst of the apocalypse… the only being on the face of this planet that can withstand the virus and annihilate every creature. And.. with a few minor manipulations of her DNA, all humans will be killed too because there is a common ancestor that you imperfect smug cretins have been in denial of. Ask me this, what makes a creature a creature Charon?”

Charon glared at him.
“I don’t know Sincentius, you tell me what makes a creature a creature? I’m sure you’ll bore me shitless with the details as usual.”

He grinned as though he’d already won and before he could answer she continued to talk, trying to get the message to Darkspade that he should leave.

“Actually, there are several things that make creatures creatures. Obviously, there’s your DNA, your parents have to be creatures etcetera, etcetera, whatever, whatever. Problem is your DNA is just DNA unless it’s activated and your problem here is that I have two sets, or should I say a full set and a partial set but poor little Sin doesn’t know what type of DNA I contain but you see I do.”

Sin stood back slightly irritated that she’d decided to continue talking, he was about to interrupt but Charon jumped in ahead of him again.

“Well, see there’s the thing about the next Charon- I have to name a new Charon and unless I name one, there won’t be a next Charon. Oh yeah, I was explaining what makes a creature… well to activate the DNA you have to be trained to use it or sometimes it activates by accident when your in a heightened state of stress etc or in my case, my second set of DNA activates when I’m near insane arseholes by the name of Sincentius. I’m quite surprised you didn’t notice the violet colour that is started to tint the edges of my eyes. I don’t really know what it means either but I know I’m not fucking afraid of you or your little cronies.”

Charon silently thought about Sincentius’ misunderstanding that her chimeraism was a result of Darkspade manipulating her DNA while being carried by her mother.

Sincentius gets wildly upset and explains that though Charon is right about naming a successor- Sincentius claimed that the rules can be changed… then brings up that Charon might not be afraid but Harkin and Crimson ARE!… Sincentius kidnapped them again!

Charon’s voice sounded off in Spade’s head over and over and over again to get out; but once Sincentius brought up Harkin and Crimson, Darkspade had a choice to make from two options: either go and find Brandon and protect him; or find the kids. Either way, Spade had to get the hell out but then an alarm sounded off indicating his escape! Darkspade runs off and is pursued by guards and corrupted Watchers as Dark Wraiths.

Back at the Technocracy Headquarters
Moebius could hear a beeping sound, it was pretty insistent and he wondered what the hell it was until two Wraiths ran into his office. They were slightly out of breath meaning it was obviously urgent, he stared at them until one of them spoke.

“Sir, we have an alarm that was set up by Charon for a retrieval but we felt we should inform you and give you the opportunity to accompany us.”

Moebius looked at the two oddly.
“Why do I get the feeling this isn’t a normal thing for you to be doing?”

The two looked at each other and then back at Moebius. The last week had been difficult transferring everything to the Technocracy, the chaos was enormous and now there was an alarm, set up in advance for a retrieval which was highly unusual.

“Retrievals aren’t usually set up in advance sir. We are normally monitoring a situation and will retrieve when the situation becomes dire or unsustainable. Charon has set this up in advance, I have no idea how either because the system isn’t set up for it.”

Moebius stood up.
“Well come on then. Who are we retrieving?”

The two men looked at each other.
“That’s the other thing sir, it’s Darkspade.”

Back on top of CreatureMedical….
An aerial view of the roof of CreatureMed showed dozens of slain Dark Wraith and security officers pursing Darkspade and attacking him in arm combat for which Spade was winning. Suddenly a horrific Unholy blast of dark energy struck Spade’s back!! Darkspade lunged forward and skid across the rough gravel shingles…. Lord Mortis was the one that attacked Darkpade… then, Mortis sends Darkspade’s body flying into a water tank! Mortismere reached down with his sliver hand and started to suffocate Spade under the water.

Once again back at Technocracy HQ
Moebius stood in the room the Wraith in the retrieval room- which was a teleportation device. Charon had arranged for Darkspade to be transported from wherever he was. Darkspade was teleported from Mortis’ grasp and appeared at the Technocracy HQ with Moebius.

The medics lifted Darkspade onto a stretcher and carrying him carefully toward the medical facility.

Somewhere dark and dreary….
Sideshow had just rescued Darkspade from the grasp of the dreaded Mortismere… but something was a bit strange Spade was wobbly and tried to hold his composure, Sideshow just stared down at his friend as if he was even more out of his mind than ever… but was certain that Darkspade wasn’t feeling well…

Sideshow kicked Spade in the guts and rolled him over… he saw that his face was pale… okay its always pale but his face was so white that the room that Sideshow escaped into was now lit!!

“What… what just happened to me? I saw the Wraiths come but they teleported the wrong person!… It was Mortismere! He created a shadow copy of my body the moment the Wraiths came and to rescue me. Damit we must leave at once [Sideshow questioned him] They don’t have the REAL Darkspade… it was a ploy to get into the Wraith’s Headquarters… whoever they have it must be an imposer… a shadow clone!!”

Back at the technocracy…
Moebius closely examines Darkspade and orders the Wraith to kill him! The Wraith think he is madand don’t do it- but Moebius takes a gun and shoots Darkspade!! The body instantly dematerializes into a cloud of black, unholy darkness!! It was Mortis’ farewell gift in the form of a type of bomb!!! Brandon suddenly appeared and aborbs the bomb by teleporting it, and himself, elsewhere out of the building!

Answering Sincentius


Back with Sincentius and Charon in the Medical Facility.
Charon merely stared at Sincentius and then laughed.

“You have no idea what complete and utter shite you are talking! You think that you have Crimson and Harkin? I think it more likely that they have you, I know they are safe. As for changing the rules, I doubt that. Even if Doom is named as the next Charon and you kill me, I’m afraid there is a small set of sub rules which mean that I just keep on coming back to life like an annoying bad penny.”

Charon had heard the alarms but intended to distract Sincentius for as long as she could to help Darkspade. She knew that Spade had been hiding something from her but it no longer mattered and neither did her life, not right now anyway. Sincentius glared but smiled from ear to ear at the same time.

“Ah but the legalities of the whole system means I can keep you busy in the afterworld for quite a length of time, long enough to eradicate you filthy creatures and command the respect of the human race!”

Charon raised an eyebrow.
“You mean enslave the human race…..can I just point out that you are in fact one of the filthy creatures you wish to wipe out, as is Lord Mortismere. What happens to you both when you do whatever it is you intend to do to accomplish your task?”

Sincentius explains that he is immune to the virus and he just used Mortismere all this time to accomplish his agenda of world “cleansing” and has no other use for him!

Sincentius looks at a monitor and realizes that Darkspade escaped! but laughs at Charon and reveals to her that he already knew this event were to come because he had the ability to see into the Death family’s past, present and future!! Then, Sincentius peers over Charon and shows her something:

Sincentius transformed into a dark unholy mist and sunk deep inside of her mouth!!! Charon tried to repel him but it was too late… her eyes then turned purple and the room around her blurred and melted away. After a blackout, Charon is seen laying face first in a fetal position on a marble floor and in the middle of a ceramic tiling pattern, the same pattern as the emblem she was researching! This was inside of the Death Family Royale Temple… the temple is in ruins today…. but this must be a memory of the past. Why did Sincentius bring her here? Then, suddenly, after a crash of lightning and sounds of thunder echo outside of the temple… two stone doors swing open!!! Wraiths are flown into the air and disintegrated upon impact to the floor….. Who so walks out but Lord Mortismere and to his right was a handsome man, dressed in a gallant surcoat and across his breastplate was the three sided emblem with a star in the middle. Charon rose to her feet but as she did, a man who looked oddly familiar to her walked straight through her body…..

Dark Memories


The past is seen…. and opens up with Mortismere yelling in excitement…

“Mwwhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I have won.. I have won at last! I answer to the cries of the underworld, I entrust the world of the living to your wickedness…. Charon, I have brought you a present! And you know him very well, he has devoured the creatures of the night…. cleansed them out!!! and he has came to cleanse your soul too! Thus ending the chain of creature life!!!

The gallant priest knight, raised his head and a shimmer of light shot from his eyes…. Meanwhile, the present Charon was watching and then, the present Sincentius formed from the dark unholy mist and placed his hand on her right shoulder… Charon turns and looks up at him….

“So this is the past. The fight between you and the first Charon, am I right?”

Sincentius nodded with no emotion “Yes. What you are seeing is your family’s past. By tapping into your mind we both can finally uncover the truths lay dormant!! The closer I am to your family, the closer I am to achieving the power that I lost. Through these lost memories, memories your involuntarily showing me will lead me to the discovery of the third carrier of the alpha strand… there is no point in resisting because your own survival depends on viewing these events. I suggest that you sit back and enjoy the show Heh heh he heeeer”

The next scene now takes us back inside the security chambers of CW Headquarters.
The tension in the air was intense…. Richard Arcane and Seer are walking down the main hallway and then entered into the holding room where Alexis was held captive. Alexis was in tears staring blankly at the torturing. Richard once again asked Alexis what the Trinity was- when, Seer’s mobile phone rings and he was informed that the Trinity was discovered and there was no more use for Alexis…. Richard releases her.

Back at the Dark Memory of the Past
Charon was grateful that Sincentius would show this- confirming her suspicions who the Third Element was… Charon watched as the first Charon was hit by a wave of Unholy Darkness, he was flung backwards and all seemed lost until a tall, gangling wild haired man seemed to almost lollop into the scene. He smiled and twirled the cane in his hand as though he were merely out for a stroll in the park.

Sincentius in the past glared and made a loud expulsion of noise, the Sincentius in the present made a slightly surprised noise and Charon heard him say almost questioningly.

“Brandon Xavier A’Court?”

The present Charon laughed.
“Yes and no. He wasn’t always known as Brandon Xavier A’Court. Once upon a time he was called Death’s apprentice. Strange tale, remind me to tell you some time….”

Charon’s sentence trailed off as they both continued to watch. Sincentius formed a strange ball of light between his hands and fired it, not at Brandon, but at the past Charon. Brandon, in the past, shot his own blast of energy, it absorbed the light Sincentius had thrown. Charon then realized that the past Brandon was speaking.

“You are a fool. You are tainted. You can not use that power without destroying everything and everyone around you, including yourself. Stop this now.” – Said past Brandon

Brandon’s eyes seemed to glow and he held up his cane. It had a strange set of symbols carved into it, there was the yin and yang symbol, the trinity symbol and many others but it reeked of balance. The past Sincentius gloated, he was far larger than the slightly built Brandon but Charon noted that Brandon emanated far more power than Sincentius and even though they were merely looking at an imprinted memory, she could almost feel the electricity created by the light and darkness both Holy and Unholy.

Sincentius now tried firing Holy Darkness at Brandon, something was going very wrong because the air between Brandon and Sincentius had begun to shimmer and sway like the very air itself was beginning to rip. Brandon was speaking again.

“You can not win this war Sincentius. It will follow you through time, as will I.” – Said past Brandon

Sincentius in the past did not speak but now took aim at Brandon once again, suddenly from the side the original Charon sent his own blast of Holy Darkness flying toward Sincentius, at the exact same time, Brandon shot a blast of Holy Light and Sincentius shot Unholy Light. The three energies collided in the centre of the Royal Palace, there was a huge flash of light, a loud explosion and the air itself did now rip apart forming a gateway to nowhere nice, it had to be said.

The present Charon watched carefully, the noise created by the blast meant that all speech within the memory couldn’t be heard, just the three peoples mouths moving. Charon was facing Sincentius, the two were speaking, that much was obvious but Brandon’s face spoke volumes and suddenly the present Charon knew what had happened, she realised she’d always known but had always hoped it hadn’t been true. The past Charon had made some sort of deal with Sincentius but it looked as though Brandon wasn’t too happy about it and he showed suddenly how unhappy he was.

He raised his cane and hit Sincentius squarely in the chest with a heavy blast of Holy Light which sent Sincentius toppling into the gateway. The past Charon stared at Brandon as though he had ruined a great plan and the gateway sealed itself. Brandon was left glaring at the past Charon, they seemed to stand there for an absolute age but the present Sincentius wasn’t interested in what happened next and backed away from the present Charon and smiled.

“How did you find him Charon?” – crackled Sincentius

Charon smiled. She knew her time was coming to an end and let her head loll on the pillow.
“It wasn’t that difficult actually, he sort of found me.”

She looked up at Sincentius.
“He is right though, whatever happens, he will follow you through time. His name might change but he remains the same essentially. I hope you’re good at chess Sincentius because I can guarantee you still won’t win this war.”

Sincentius smiled.
“I’ve already won.”

Then, Charon closes her eyes and dies…

Sincentius pulls away from Charon’s mind, ending the distant memory…

Sincentius realized that these events were hidden from his memory for some reason… He screamed at his people to go and track down Brandon.

In a nutshell, the event at the Great Death Family Temple set in motion practically everything that we know of today. A chain of events one after the other for thousands of years on end. Sincentius was allowed to live through the Death Family DNA after some sort of deal was made between Charon and Sincentius. This deal was embarrassing to the family- shameful. A shameful act that was kept hidden except to the patriarchs and elders. The gateway that opened was the gateway to the Apocalypse but the actual mistake that Sincentius had made was unclear other than he was tainted by the Unholy Darkness; and after Sincentius realized that the present day Brand-X was in fact the priest that vowed to travel through time to stop him at no ends– the memory scene stopped before anything else could be uncovered.

Immediately, doctors and nurses corrupted by the Unholy came in and proceeded with the extraction of Charon’s blood, Sincentius took no time and his body collapsed upon itself in a brilliant Holy Circle of Light…. yet another scene appears, but this time inside of Moebius’ office inside of CW Headquarters. Seer and Richard arrived soon after and watched on as Sincentius went hysterical!! He was lifting up furniture, tearing down wall paper, destroying desks, throwing books off of the shelf and the shelf itself onto the floor!!! Sincentius was furiously looking for something… anything!! “I WANT BRANDON NOW!!!! I DON’T CARE TO WHAT LENGTHS YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH TO FIND HIM BUT DO AS I SAY IMMEDIATELY!!” Richard frowned and Seer nodded, though his knees were shaking in fear… Sincentius shot back rigid glare along with his multi-colored eyes rotating… then, suddenly he catches a clue. Moebius left behind roster profiles and one profile in particular was bookmarked on his computer screen. Sincentius noticed it was encrypted but with a flicker of his wrist, Sincentius easily breaks through the encryption code and found that it was Brandon’s profile… and, an address. But the address line didn’t contain an actual address… but numbers. Seer wobbled over to where Sincentius was, staring at the screen, and didn’t have the foggiest clue what this meant- but then, Richard took a stab at what this was and realized that that was coordinates…. Sincentius closed his eyes and placed his bony hand on the computer screen… the screen flashed wildly and then after a series of unusual glyphs and binary codes appearing, the location was revealed on the screen…. “Gentlemen, this is where he is hiding…. or rather, perhaps heh, where they think that they can stop me at…. ironic, it must seem that this location is nothing other than the ruins of Death Temple. Continue your efforts – bring Doom and meet me at this location in three hours….”

Brandon returned to the ruins of the Great Death Family Temple after disposing of the Unholy Darkness from the fake Darkspade body at the Technocracy… in preparation for Sincentius… Charon had told him what time she expected him to turn up.

Brandon was dressed completely in black and leaned on his cane as he waited humming a tune to himself. Brandon didn’t age as such and he could look how he wanted people to see him, it was a strange gift but had been very useful over time. This time, however, he hoped that the present Charon had a bigger set than the last one, although he didn’t worry overly much, he knew her well enough to know she would sacrifice everything to destroy Sin. He felt that was a good trait in a Charon. He also mused that she was a better than average chess player and knew it would be some time before he played her again, he also mused that perhaps she ought to take up poker and he subconsciously patted his non-existent pockets, he smiled to himself.

Suddenly, The Dark Sincentius finally arrived in a dramatic flash in the centre of the temple. Brandon merely raised an eyebrow as though he were mildly interested in what was going on.

A LONG Time Coming

Brandon walked in a circle twirling his cane as if this was some jolly play time, but then… the air stiffened…. He looked upward and noticed that the moon was drenched in a blood curling red hue. Lightning and then thunder struck but there was no rain. It was just like that ungodly night, many thousands of years ago. At the epicenter of the temple- where, under mounds of rubble- etched in the stone floor itself of the three-sided-emblem– a brilliant light sparked to life! Brandon covered his eyes and then when he looked up again, there he stood…. the Dark Rider, The enigmatic and omnipotent being, The Dark Sincentius. Sincentius was heaving air into his nostrils… his insane multi-colored eyes rotated diabolically. However, Brandon just stood there, twirling his hair with his free hand and he even had bubble gum in his mouth! CHEWING AND POPPING BUBBLES!!! Sincentius’ rage only escalated in his intensity!!! The power left off by Sincentius made the entire plateau where the Temple resided on shift causing an earthquake!

“Hey mate, care to finish up soon I got some tea that needs attending” – charamastically said by Brandon

Sincentius released terrible abiding wave of dark unholy energy…. the energy shot out in all directions in a circle when surrounded the ruins. And as it did, a dome now encompassed the temple… preventing Brandon’s escape or stopping anybody foolish enough to interfere…. once the encasing was complete, Sincentius lowered his head and as he did a ghostly replica of Serin Death’s head came down soon after till the forms settled into one.

“Brandon Xavier A’Court I presume? How ironic, that you would fall in the same place where Charon also fell… it must pain you… pain you deeply for all of these years to know that he betrayed the Creature race. The plan would have worked if it wasn’t for your feeble meddling. Now, Brandon… Brand-X…. FACE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! I AM The Dark Sincentius…. and the savior of the human race!! I have come to reclaim our RIGHT to rule this world… OUR RIGHT TO BECOME THE IMMORTALS!! I HAVE COME FOR MY REVENGE BRANDON!! Do yourself a favor and don’t prolong this inevitable end for your diseased race…. no… don’t do it for yourself… your sacrifice will justify the overwhelming sins the creatures of the night have committed against humanity and to Earth. Act as Christ, my Lord, has and die with the sins of the creature race! Then perhaps Satan will be merciful when he sends you ALL STRAIGHT INTO HELL!!! mmwwwHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile… at CW HQ
Gunther arrived at CW HQ then paraded around the premises with a ding dong in his mouth until he finally strolled up to Richard’s office.

Richard was preparing a briefcase to meet up with Seer at the Temple in a few hours. But then, he heard a song outside and what sounded like people singing and cheering. Richard places the briefcase back down on his desk and walks over to reach for the door knob when alls of a sudden…. “OHHHH… YOU TOUCHED MY TRA LA LA……” Richard is THROWN 8 FEET BACK AS THE DOOR SWINGS OPEN!!! Richard landed uncomfortably on his bottom but when he looks up…. Gunther was eating a ding dong right above him along with the crumbs falling on his face!!!! Richard protested to get out!

“MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm DO YOU THINK I AM SEXY TONIGHT?!!” – harked Gunther

Back again at the temple…
Brandon seemed unmoved by Sincentius’ speech…
“Lets get somefing straight right ‘ere mate.” The word ‘mate’ was spoken harshly, yet Brandon had yet to even look at Sincentius. “I might go by the name Brandon now but make no fucking mistake, I ain’t no newbie to this ‘ere magic game.” – said Brandon

Brandon gestured round the temple and then stopped to glare at Sincentius.
“You see me bloody hair and me pretty fine clothes and I can see you finking that I’m some sort of fucking idiot but I did away with you last time and if I look a bit bored here’s the reason why….” – said Brandon

His sentence trailed off as he lifted his cane, he twirled it once and a blast of Holy Darkness left the tip. When it hit Sin’s own Unholy Darkness there was a dull rumbling sound which grew slowly until it became a thunderous roar. The remains of the temple shook and the static caused by the collision of the two energies kept sparking intermittently. Brandon stood idly next to a pillar and looked curiously at Sincentius, he could almost feel his rage before it could be seen in his face.

Sincentius was enraged and began shooting blasts of Unholy Darkness at Brandon, Brandon dodged them in an almost bored way….

Scene changes again…
Richard managed to arrive at the ruins to the temple, and escaped Gunther. Seer was already there observing behind a column watching Sincentius and Brandon duking it out. None could penetrate the rampart shield created by Sincentius. Richard wanted an update from Seer- then all of a sudden, Seer catches something moving in the bushes just above the hiltop… it was pink….. and looks like it had a mullet….

“Um….. who is that over there?” – crackled Seer

Richard pulled out binoculars to look and sees that Gunther
“Omg…. it can’t be! HE FOLLOWED ME!!!” – screamed Richard

Gunther somehow followed Richard and then as they observed, Gunther took off his mullet and threw it at the shield!!! Suddenly a hole was created in the side which completely shocked Seer and Richard….

“!!!! what the hell…. how…why?” – screamed Richard

We see Gunther enter through the hole created by the mullet-wig followed by Richard and Seer…

Discoveries at Technocracy HQ

Moebius felt frustrated… The scientists had set up a special DNA identification system that would screen each person when they teleported in and out. The scientists that Charon had employed were working round the clock to work out exactly what Sincentius could do with the four individual’s blood samples.


The man seemed to be ordering his thoughts for a few moments.
“Um…well…it seems the DNA samples can be combined in such a way to create a type of virus… its specific and it targets only non-human DNA, in fact, it destroys the non-human DNA. Therefore, destroying the person it infects in a most efficient and painful way. We don’t have an antidote or jab to reverse cell destruction.”

He looked up at Moebius his face spoke what Moebius knew he couldn’t say. Moebius thought for a few minutes.
“Is it possible to upgrade the DNA filtering system to take out the harmful virus?”

The scientists looked at each other, grateful to have a new problem to solve. One of the group spoke up.
“Theoretically, yes. We’ll start work immediately!”

Moebius wasn’t finished with them yet though.
“I also want you to start working on finding a way to destroy the virus or there won’t be a job for you guys to do. I think you understand my meaning.”

As Moebius stood watching the scientists go to work, he realized that Charon herself was probably already dead.

An Unexpected Visitor

Brandon stared at the sight of Gunther in the midst of the destruction and yelled for Gunther to get out of the way!

Sincentius grinned. Sincentius realized the tide now turned in his favor… Gunther provided the right distraction for Sincentius to attack with Unholy Darkness- first, the intent was to attack Gunther but Sincentius knew that Brandon would save the European Sex idiot!! So, Sincentius uses the Unholy Darkness to strike Brandon in the shoulder, flinging him backwards, he hit one of the temple pillars and spun to a stop. Sincentius sensed he had the upper hand and grabbed the annoying Gunther by the throat and picked him up off the floor… Gunther still tried to sing, which annoyed Sincentius, and that was when Sincentius flung Gunther against the magical barrier! The distraction was enough to allow Brandon to move…

Sincentius resumed his sights on Brandon- but he was gone! Instead, Brandon was behind Sincentius and he attacks from his cane. Sincentius was thrown backwards but it wasn’t Holy Darkness that hit him this time it was Holy Light and this somehow felt stronger than when Brandon had hit him with Holy Darkness. Sincentius looked up- completely puzzled and amazed that Brandon was able to use multiple powers of the Trinity without corruption… but Brandon still did not know the Unholy Darkness!

“Sincentius. You can not win this, it is already written that Death will return to take his rightful place among the living and balance will be restored. You can not ignore the strength of the balanced.” – screamed Brandon

Sincentius laughed at Brandon and unleashed a tidal wave of dual energies with The Unholy Darkness and Holy Light- Brandon seemed to be able to absorb most of the blasts but it was too much and he fell down unconscious. Sincentius moved over to him and poked him with his foot- and picked up the strange cane and looked it over carefully. Sincentius snapped it in two over his knee and laughed again!

Eulogy for the Preserved Dead

Elsewhere, deep within CreatureMedical….
“Scientist #1: It is completed. A pure sample of Charon’s blood has been extracted.”
“Scientist #2: Um…make that two.”
“Scientist #3: Yes, I know. She carries with her two sets of DNA. Cleaver little Deaths… however, it does nothing to prevent the coming of the apocalypse.”

The two scientists moved the large apparatus from above Charon’s head…. her face was pale…. and she wasn’t moving!

“Scientist #3: Quickly we need to prepare for hibernation…”
The two scientists swiftly pressed buttons and prepared a new iv drip.. but then, they stopped suddenly- turned and then stood in silence! Lord Mortismere emerged from a thick, dark unholy cloud. It was bittersweet for him seeing Charon there, lifeless…. he dismissed the scientists but they stressed that Charon needed to be placed into a morbid preserved state so that her body doesn’t decay as rapidly but Mortismere merely shot back at them with a deadly glare— they ran out!!! Mortismere turned his head slowly and looked down upon the dead body of Charon…. he stuck out his own tongue and licked her forehead before gently taking his silver hand out from his robe and pressed it against her cheek…..

“Charrrroonnnn… I know you can hear me somewhere in the afterlife….. You were always my true #1 love. I’ve neeever felt the closeness that we shared from even your own sister. Of ALLL the whores I laid with, your LOVE outshines them all!!! AND Boy we had our wild times in the bed…. AND I ENJOYED beat’n the living hell out of Moebius. In fact, Charon, I’ll have that pleasure once again… VERY soon. I want for you to know that your body will be preserved, sweet, I’m never going to let the best part of you die – just reborned. I like it how you are….. especially, QUIET…. GAWD I CANNOT STAND YOUR WHINNYING WOMAN!!! Anyway where was I? OH yes, Charon….. I can now have you ALL to myself because I did all of this FOR YOU!!! I survive the genocide because I am the lord and master of Kali-shoel… Sincentius cannot reach me there… and that is WHERE I will take us!!!! Then I will present your lovely self in my throne chamber full of rotten carcasses…. and I get to enjoy your sexy body for…. all…. ETERNITY!!!! MWWWHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Doesn’t that sound romantic?? Oh YES Charon, I won. I ALWAYS get what I want… even if it takes Milena….”

The scientists reentered and watched as Mortismere was all over Charon!! The suddenly coughed which made Mortismere spurt back up and acted naive!!

“DON’T JUST STAND THERE AND PROCEED WITH THE TREATMENT!!! When she is encased in her liquid ice tomb, I want my things ready as well, I leave this doomed world by midnight tonight… with my prize!!!!”

Concludes Page 4…

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