Interview with the new ECF Brand Director: Chane McMahon

Interview with the new ECF Brand Director: Chane McMahon


Next on Micheal Cole’s list is none other than the new ECF Brand Director…. Chane McMahon. The scene shows MC beginning to speak when Chane suddenly sits down and ready for his moment in the spotlight!

“Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule, Mr. McMahon.”


“It is entirely all my pleasure…. so what’s up??”


“I want to address two main subjects. One is the recent ground breaking announcement of a brand split here at CreatureWrestling and the other are some comments made by Sheri Stull…… First off, the brand split is something we’ve experienced in the deep past here at CreatureWrestling- but this time around, there are differences… a little on that later. But. Some of the questions I want to ask are: #1 you are the ECF Brand Director… how do you feel about heading up the brand and what directions do you have in mind for it?….. and #2. With competing against Staphanie’s CWE- how would this affect your relationship with her?”


“When I first heard about the new direction I admit I was disappointed at the Promoter’s inadequacy to own up to the fact that me and Staphanie are certainly BEST for business….. Together we are an unstoppable force that can take this company to greater heights…. But then, it dawned on me and Staph while in bed together that this is also a prime chance to PROVE not only to the Megaverse that we are what is BEST for them but this is a great opportunity for both of us to show our individual superior talents as directors.

And as far as competing…. I don’t think of it that way, Micheal, and I am sure that my sister thinks the same way as I… that this is a matter of PROVING our worth….. you’ll find that no matter if it is distance, or even if we are dating other people on the side, we are what’s best for everybody and they have to incorporate us into their lives or else- OUR bond is so tight that NOTHING will pull us a part.”


[Micheal Cole is scratching his head in astonishment]
“Um…. Did I just hear that right… there’s this rumor going around that you and Staphanie are a little ‘too close’…… have any thing to say to that?”


“You can never be too close to family, Micheal. Hey, when was the last time you spent any time with your family? Don’t be jealous of what you cannot have… what me and my sister experience everyday…….”

“Ooof…. I am just… just going to do my best and move on…. so…. finally… Sheri Stull had some choice words for you and your sister. For you specifically, she called you a pathetic, weak-chinned, loser. She clearly has shown hostile intentions if you ever interfere in a match again with her. Do you have a comment as towards that and what would you do to her if she were to be drafted into the ECF?”


“Sheri can run her mouth all day long and it won’t get her anywhere when it comes to me and Staphanie’s puppies. Once again… we are what’s BEST for business and what’s BEST for Sheri Stull…. she thinks that she has some leverage…. why? Because she’s a woman? Let me tell ya, Micheal, Staphanie is ALL the woman and then some that this company can ever handle. Sheri is just a cheap valet for Deadblood… hence her place. She had 1… 1 confrontation with my sister…. the Woman’s champion. And if memory serves me right… Staphanie showed her what she is capable of.

She calls me names but does she really have any true understanding that without my careful observation and superior managing skills that her matches would be dull and boring? If she gets drafted into the ECF… a brand for which I will hold high standards…. she will fall right into my line because she has no choice but too… otherwise, she’s fired. And again, if fortune has her under MY brand she will be put to the test. Simple as that. Again what is BEST for business. Always.”


“Well thank you Mr. McMahon for your time. Do you have anything else you would like to say before we conclude our interview?”


“I love my sister to death Micheal…. I know we will get through this and PROVE to all of the nay-sayers that they are wrong and full of hot air. And our mission to provide family, wholesome entertainment without all of the X-Rated junk seen from the likes from wrestlers like Darkspade and Deadblood are going to be cleansed from our brands. Even with miles apart- me and my sister will continue to work together and be what is certainly BEST for business.”


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