Why CW is rather, awesome!

Why CW is rather, awesome!


Can you imagine the internet 16 years ago? Most readers cannot fathom it. Yet, CreatureWrestling has been Kick’n ASS for 16 years in the world of e-Fedding.

-Nowhere else on this planet is there an e-Fed which not only created it’s own unique genre- but clearly dominated. The e-fed has well over 35+ title exchanges in it’s primary top title ALONE!

-Man… just look at us. The website Kick’s ASS… it’s a powerhouse. Driven by up-to-date HTML5/CSS3 standards- we are responsive… we are driven by CUSTOM written PHP and mySQL scripting. What does this all mean? Besides the killer factor alone- we have a one-of-a-kind message board that NO ONE on the planet has. We also have an integrated bio editor which interacts with the message board!

-Then our news force… interesting… entertaining… and edgy!! Man… CreatureWrestling tells it like it is!

-And our stories… our amazing events… there is not rival. Not only has our stories produced by the players have been ongoing for almost two decades- but, man. CW makes any e-fed out there look like child’s play…

So. Yes. CreatureWrestling is amazing… it’s awesome. And we CONTINUE to make it awesome and unique. Why. Just take a gander at our own wiki and even with that- it’s an unbelievable endeavor to know that updating the content on the wiki will never cease!

CreatureWrestling Kick’s ASS. Nuff’ Said.

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